Best razor to use for shaving?

  1. Maybe, I've been noticing the commercials more but there seems to be tons of options regarding different razors for shaving. I'm looking for a new one so any recommendations on what gives the closest and most comfortable shave?
  2. I've only ever tried different Gillette razors, but I must say I'm not too impressed with the Gillette Venus vibrance (I just don't see the point of the damn vibrating?) A regular Gillette Venus razor does the trick for me :flowers:
  3. Gillette fusion (it's marketed to men)=smoothest shave for me
  4. Venus ...minus the vibration!!
  5. I use Schick Intuition - no need for shaving cream and my legs are baby soft!
  6. Another vote for Venus! :smile:
  7. Venus! Tried the Vibrance for a while and it was actually great (I don't know why the vibration should make the shave cleaner but I thought it did for a while). Then the battery died and even though I replaced it that was it. I think the regular Venus is better overall.
  8. I agree :tup:
  9. I always use mens razors because the shave is much closer than most women's razors, I like Gillete fusion. I discovered that mens razors work much better than womens by accident when I was at my SOs house and didn't have my own razor to shave with so I had no choice but to use his.
  10. I use a mens razor also. I think its the Mach 3 Turbo or something. Closest shave.
  11. Interesting, I have not thought about using a men's razor. I've got sensitive skin so is it very comfortable using a men's razor?

  12. Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. :yes:the razors marketed to men can be just as comfortable/moisturizing as the ones for women. the gillette fusion one has five blades & an "enhanced Lubrastrip" (moisturizing strip). there is a good description on Amazon w/ppl's feedback.
  14. ditto to me for using a men's razor.
    it is comfortable to use because it is made to shave a man's face (naturally coarser hair, which means more sensitive) so it is perfect to shave legs with and gives a close shave.
  15. venus (regular)