Best range of Koala?

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  1. Hey everyone! I am absolutely fascinated by the koala wallets.

    I need some opinions here.

    Which range of koala wallets do you think is the best and preferably durable?

    Please state the colour as well... I went to the LV website and couldn't see the mandarin epi anymore. Read from other threads that it is going to be discontinued?

    Please advise me. Thank You:biggrin:
  2. Durable ? Probably the damier koala, and I love how the push is actually circular, unlike the pointier ones for vernis and MC. I do prefer the MC though, since it's just such a fun looking wallet.
  3. I really like the vernis koala in framboise but I've heard that vernis is quite sensitive so it might not be a practical choice if you want durability.

    My friend has the koala in black epi and it seems sturdy and durable. Maybe you can check the LV boutique, they usually have more inventory or they can call around to locate one in mandarin for you.
  4. Everything ayla said
  5. i really liked the multicolor one until i found out that the LVs are printed on top of the canvas not in the canvas and can chip. *sigh* but that was the only koala i liked. guess it's good. saved me some $$$. :smile:

    the agenda is super cute though. :smile:
  6. i like the damier koala wallet it is so nice i like the red leather in the in side.
  7. I actually love the mono koala because I prefer the round push over the triangular ones. I think the mono canvas is the most durable out of all other finishes, which is important because wallet will show the most sign of usage. The buckle really gives the mono an updated look, so it's sophisticated and fun. I really think it's a fabulous item.
  8. I think the mono or the damier would be the most durable. I also prefer the rounded push over the pointy one on the epi, vernis, and MC. I have the mono and I love it!
  9. Agreed!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. thanks for all your opinions