Best quality lv wallet

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  1. Asking for opinions - I had an emillie wallet and LOVED it but took in for repair for glazing issues lv came back and said it was defective so I have a store credit. I'd just get another one I loved it so but wonder if this will happen again. I'm also interested in the sarah wallet but wonder if it's worth the extra money. Really want a large lv wallet but wondering if it's worth the money - I have the zippy coin purse and its great but enjoyed having the emillie to hold my cash and liked the ease of use!!!
  2. Any items with canvas and glazing will eventually have issues. You could pick a full leather wallet but the price point is higher.
  3. My OM Sarah I have 4 years and carrie it all days and no issues. I love sarah, so I say go for it. But I don´t know the new models and quality. +1 with Leo the Lion - go for leather maybe
  4. I love my Sarah wallet. I have had it for a year and have had no issues yet and it is big enough to hold all my cards and phone.
  5. Epi Sarah is super durable.

  6. Thank you so much for your help!!! I I was going to send this question to you for a q&a but thought I'd try purse forum first never thinking you'd be one of those to respond!!! I absolutely love your videos on YouTube - they are awesome, and have helped me so much!! you are such a kind and sweet person!!!!

  7. That's my worry with all the current problems people are having with quality- ugh!!!

  8. Seems like it would be a great wallet!!

  9. Looks like it would be pretty too!!!
  10. I was considering one - but I heard that the Epi leather ends up really loose & the shape doesn't hold. I thought that was weird, but that kept me from getting one.

    I was just going to get the Emillie - I think the size is just right for me.
  11. I don't own a canvas emilie so I can't speak for the durability. I had an emilie in Epi before but returned it a week later because the Epi feels very thin compare to Sarah and also the card slot is broken. The internal layer of the card slot came off when I put my card in it and the glue got on my cards, so I exchange it to another Epi Sarah. I got 4 Epi Sarah and so far so good. My oldest Epi wallet is a Joey in Epi ivory which hold up its shape extremely well. I don't baby my stuff, just use them normally. I have attached a photo to show you my 5 years old Joey compare to my 2 years old Sarah, can't see much difference except the buckle is no longer shinny. I have bad experience towards Emilie and good experience towards Sarah so I personally will only choose Sarah.

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  12. have you consider the full size zippy? i never have issue with glazing on any of the LV zippy style wallet bc they're made differently than the flap style ones. its pretty normal wear and tear when you see cracks on wallets like Sarah or Emilie by the flap area bc the constant opening and closing of the wallet.
  13. I love all lv wallet that I owned. I think their quality are all good ! Zippy gives the sturdy feeling. Mahina Amelia wallet is full leather and after abusing it for a long long time, the leather looks the same as the first day I received her. Only I did a 10cm pen mark on it :sad: insolite wallet is very pretty and different. Is a softer type of wallet.
  14. If you like large LV wallets why not consider getting the full size Zippy wallet? I've had mine for 6 yrs, have used it every single day and it still looks like it did when I first bought it except for the coin compartment which is a bit dirty but that's no big deal. Holds all my cards, cash and still has extra room to spare for receipts and such.