best quality lower end designer bags in your opinion?

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    Around the price of coach, dooney, tory burch, kate spade... what do you guys think is the best leather? like a very thick, heavy leather.

    I was pretty set on getting a tory burch robinson satchel but I've read on a couple threads here that there are quality issues with tory burch handbags...

    Also at this point I think all the brands that I've mentioned above have moved production to China. I'm not against it but was just wondering if there are some made in USA or Europe brands at this price level. Thanks!
  2. I'd suggest Rebecca Minkoff or Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  3. Although I'm not a fan, I've always thought that Coach has good quality.
  4. B. Makowsky has very thick, heavy leather. I like their bags! TJ Maxx and Marshalls always have some on hand for less than $200.
  5. For the money, Furla is an awesome bag
  6. I've purchased several great quality bags at great prices thanks to the Coach Factory online sales that keep happening over and over again. If you can get on their email list, they have started doing period sales fairly often. There's something for everyone, classic nice leather like the duffels which are incredibly sturdy and roomy, or fun and funky glam totes! I"m loving Dooney more and more these days too!!

    IF you want a usa made bag, Libaire has wonderful leather bags, based in San Francisco. I own a backpack of theirs and it is really nice.
  7. For a while there B. Makowsky was having some quality issues, but I think the newest batch of bags is much better. There are previous threads about it on here, so if you buy one used online, be sure of what bag you are getting. But I love the soft squishy leather and cute styles.
  8. Second this. Both have some great thick, smooshy leathers.
  9. Love love Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody bags... I think there are some pretty nice Kate spade and Michael Kors.
  10. If you like the style, I think Kooba bags are great. I have the Zoey and it's a serious workhorse and the leather is great.

    Also, Liebeskind has some good bags too.
  11. I used to think Coach was good quality but after seeing the Poppy line I became not being sure what they cared about anymore.
    My MIL gave me a D&B a few years ago and I was very impressed with their quality. Unfortunately it wasn't my style so I ended up selling on eBay. (Sorry, mom!)
  12. Her leather bags seem to suffer but not so much the saffiano line. Brahmin- croco embossed, ostrich embossed, saffiano, & soft leather. Dooney & Coach are good.
  13. Check out Linea Pelle. Best leather of even some more expensive brands. Don't think they're made in the U.S, though... Also, I second the Leibeskind, made in Germany and good leather. I think Coach quality has suffered in recent years. Just my opinion.
  14. Christopher Kon.
  15. I'd never heard of Libaire. Their leathers look awesome.

    Thanks for the eyecandy. :ghi5: