best push-up bra for small chest

  1. What's the best push-up bra for a girl who is a 36B? I feel like because my chest is smaller in comparison to the width of my chest, my boobs just CAN'T get pushed together enough to get cleavage. HELP!
  2. Gap Body all the way!!! Try their t-shirt bra! I'm a 34A.
  3. See if you can find a water bra. They are weird, but amazing. Also, go get fitted at a real bra shop (not VS) if you haven't already done so. Having a perfectly fitting bra can make a huge difference!
  4. ^all of my friends have water bras! I'm a 34A [sometimes less... sometimes I squeeze into a 32B... it makes me feel better about myself, haha] and I use the wonderbra "light push" or something like that. If you're a 34B this bra will do wonders for you
  5. VS secret embrace
  6. the h&m push-up bras work pretty well too.
  7. where do you get water bras? My friend that used to be a gogo dancer had one she wore to dance. She had no boobs but it made her look like she did. When I try to wear pushup bras it just feels like it's pushing what little boobs I have out of the bra and there's a gap at the top. I need something to ADD to what I have!
  8. ^ I have the same problem! I want to find the bra your friend used to use.:graucho:

    OP - You're lucky you are a B. IMO, anything B or larger has the advantage of having "more" to work with. I'm an A cup and there's so little breast flesh to work with that there isn't even that much that can be pushed up. Haha. My friend who's a B on the other hand looks like a C and suddenly has cleavage galore with a pushup bra because she has "more" to work with and push up. (I'm secretly jealous... ok not so secretly). So if cleavage is what you want, I really like the VS infinity edge extreme push up bra. That gives me cleavage so it should do wonders for you. =)
  9. I love the Very Sexy line by Victoria's Secret! The push up demi is supposed to add a full cup size! I have been wearing them for years and swear by them. I'm a 32 A or B depending on the bra. In this bra I wear an A. It gives amazing cleavage! I have tryed VS water bras and I def reccomend the Very Sexy push up bra instead. the water bra didnt look as natural and its also much Also, you can add gel inserts to a push up bra to get some extra cleavage...
  10. NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS BRA!!!! I have 3 of them! :tup::tup::tup:
  11. VS Very Sexy Infinity Edge. Hands down the best push up bra. If you are looking for one that can also make a great everyday bra, try the new Wireless Push-up.

    Be wary about the secret embrace. Yes, the VS and the angels push-up version give great lift, but the foam in them does tend to stretch out. Also, placing them in the washer/dryer will absolutly destroy them! No bra should go in the washer/dryer, but this one is even more delicate.

  12. I've found a great water bra at (yes, I know, I hate this store) Walmart. It's one of the few things I actually go there to buy. They're very comfortable, and look terrific. I'm an A cup, and it makes it look like I actually have breasts. They're also around $10. I bought my sister 4 of them for part of her Christmas present.
  13. i love the bio bra by pleasure state... it's a padded t-shirt bra, but the padding is at a different angle for each cup size, depending on where your boobs need to be pushed.

    I've come to accept that I will never get real cleavage LOL, but you might have better results with a b cup!
  14. ok, I might be getting a little off topic but does anybody have any suggestions for sports bras to wear to the gym that would A) not make me look completely flat and B) fit a really small framed girl?

    P.S. VS very sexy extreme plunge push-up!!! I'm like a negative A cup w/o this bra...definitely go try it out!!