Best Product to Protect MBMJ Dr. Q. Hillier Hobo?

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  1. Bought my daughter a Dr. Q Hillier Hobo. B/c the color is light, we want to be sure to treat the leather w/a good product for protection. What would you recommend? TIA for sharing your suggestions!
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    Help!! Need advice. Thanks!
  3. arent u supposed to use that apple stuff from burlington coat factory?
  4. A lot of tPFers use Apple Garde products on their bags, but my personal favorite is Cadillac from Nordstrom. It's only about $5, and it's completely worth it and then some!

    Swan1: MbMJ leather is very resilient and durable despite its softness, so don't be too concerned! I have a Hillier as well, and I use my Cadillac leather conditioner on it every now and then - it works wonders, and it really helps bring out the softness of the leather. What a generous gift, btw! Good luck!
  5. asiangrl & blackonmaroon, thank you so much for your advice! Do these products also help to protect light leather from marks and dirt––or make the leather easier to clean? Thanks again!
  6. I use Cadillac on my Yogurt Blake, and I've used it on ivory MbMJ leather, too - both have worked fine for me. :tup: Leather conditioner in general isn't a protectant, but there are products out there that are meant to help discourage marks and dirt from appearing.