Best Product For Cat Owners Who Haaate Kitty Litter On The Floor :)

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    :smile: i had to post this up because i took a long time to order one cause i read mixed reviews on it and then i just decided to take the plunge and buy it and let me tell you it has paid for itself 10 fold!!!!

    it is the most amazing thing, you just keep it charged all the time, keep it plugged in somewhere so it has full charge whenever you need it

    then you just use it like a normal broom sweep all the stuff in a pile and then press POWER and BOOM!! :smile: its all gone, sucked up into the container, no bags just a filter then just empty it out brush off the filter and you are done!!


    it used to be SOOO annoying to try and get all the little kitty litter pieces out from between the tiles in my bathroom and get all the kitty litter off the floor was SO annoying i hate dust pans i hate bending down to try and sweep it all in and i HATE that line you can never seem to get all up

    this is SO easy i just lift the litter bin and move it over sweep up all the kitty litter that wound up on the floor into a pile and then turn on the vac and it sucks every last DROP up and i just empty it in the trash , brush the cat hair off the filter to keep it clean and done then i plug it back in so its ready for next time!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :heart: :heart: :heart: just wanted to let all you cat owners know if you are like me and hate the kitty litter on the floor the $49 or $59 that it costs is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it!!!!!!!! :smile:
  2. I am going to check this out:yes: ! I have 3 Kitty's and my whole first floor is ceramic tile, so I am sweeping daily because I hate the feeling of grit on my bare feet. Thanks for the tip!:flowers:
  3. you will be SOOOOO HAPPY AND AMAZED AT HOW EASY IT IS :smile: lemme know if it works out :smile:
  4. OOh will look into this. My Boyf has been wanting to buy the new handheld dyson, but I think it is too expensive (£100). I don't how they do it but my gang get cat litter in the strangest of places?!
  5. I don't even have a litter box (Grace goes outside) and I want one of those.
  6. I need something like that i hate pulling out the vacuum for the cat litter than ends up in rooms far away from the little box!
  7. I used to have a great rechargeable by Vax but they stopped making it. Don't have house cats but great for small jobs to save hauling out the big machine!Bought a few other makes since & were useless. I will sure try this!
  8. :smile: DEF DEF try it i swear haah you wont be disappointed I mean i have only used it on tile but im sure its just as good on hard wood or any smooth surface it has a good power to it :smile:

    And its just great for around the kitchen and stuff! :smile: haha i run arouond the house with mine!