1. I got a sample primer from sephora called microaquatic fortifying primer. I'd never used primer before - so I tried it - and it makes my face look near flawless! It's $40.00 though, and for that price I'd rather get Nars - because I like them alot, but I have no idea if it's good. Any other suggestions? Anything I should look for when buying primer?
  2. No help...... but I use Smashbox's Photofinish - and I like it a lot - but I'm always open to the possiblity of a better product - looking forward to the answers on this one. Primers are really helpful.
  3. Yeah I use Smashbox's Photofinish also... it's the best by far by my opinion... (:
  4. i like smashbox's photofinish also.
  5. i also tried a sample of sue devitt's microquatic fortifying primer. i liked it so much i just bought a bottle of it. this would be my first bottle of primer so i don't really know much, other than it works!
  6. I've been using Tarte's Clean Slate face primer. Maybe I'll try Smashbox's next time!

  7. Have tried a few others, but always come back to Smashbox Primer.
  8. I heard that Perfekt Perfecting Gel is amazing. I haven't tried it myself but it has vitamins and such in it so it's supposed to nourish your skin at the same time. It's pricey at all almost $60, though. I'd definitely get a sample before buying.
  9. I love Perfekt, I use it alone, gives a flawless finish.
  10. I've only tried MAC primer for the face, but I don't think I will get it again. It makes my makeup clump a little and there's an odd, dough-like smell. Or maybe I just got a bottle from a bad batch?
  11. i have smashbox's photofinish but i only used it once cuz for some reason after i apply it and then try to put foundation over it, my make up (i use powder foundations) kinda clumps into little bits and sits on top of my face in a weird way :shrugs:
  12. Another vote for Smashbox primer but only use the tiniest bit. It makes my skin feel like velvet. Peggy
  13. What type of skin do you have? Oily? Normal?
  14. I have combo, normal cheeks, and oily nose (eww).

    So throughout the day I just blot my nose area (eww more).

    I used the tinted ones just because its like a tinted moisturizer.
  15. i use philosophy primer...and i've found it to be super good.
    but i've also heard excellent things about smashbox primers.
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