Best prices for preloved Chanel minis

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  1. Hey guys!

    I've been looking for a Chanel mini square in black caviar with silver hardware, but none of the boutiques I've been in have them in stock so I'm going the preloved route. I'm starting to realize though that preloved ones aren't necessarily much cheaper than new ones--the cheaper ones (as in $2800-$3100) tend to be very old and show obvious signs of wear, while the ones that are in great condition tend to be close to $3500 (the price of a new one) or even higher.

    My question is--what price/condition represents good value for a preloved Chanel mini?
  2. If you want a mini in perfect condition, you're not going to get around paying retail price for it, even on the preloved market. I've been wanting one in black caviar leather for years and they never go under retail price unless they have marks or scratches on them, so are in used condition. That's just how it is with Chanel and sought after items
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  3. It’s extremely difficult nowadays they go for at least 4250 usd and sometimes 4700 usd. Ridiculous prices really. I recently purchase one in the exact same combo black caviar and silver hardware but it is a vintage piece 12xxseries. It was in pretty good condition considering the age but in no means is it mint. It does have wear on corners and on the back and the quilts are not super puffy but I got it for 2000 usd so cannot complain, I love it to bits. So it is possible but definitely need a lot of searching and patience and luck
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