Best price on white Anna Corinna Bender?

  1. Saw this bag in white color in Bloomies and liked it a lot; unfortunately I missed their 20% sale.


    The only online store I fould it is
    Does anyone have a coupon code for stevenalan, please?
    Any other places carry this bag in white?
    Thanks a lot.
  2. Grechens Closet - Anna Corinna

    this is my link for sites that sell AC online...i checked and couldn't find the white anywhere but steven alan and they don't have codes...lunaboston carried them, and has the brass on pre-order, but you could contact them and see if they can get you the white one and let you use the 'grechen' code for 20% off...i think some people have been able to use the code on pre-orders there...

  3. Hi Grechen!
    Thank you very much for the reply and for the idea! Will try to contact Lunaboston.
    I want to take the chance to say you a big THANK YOU for hosting and supporting your wonderful website! It is amazing!
  4. awww...thanks :shame: i hope you find the bag, it's beautiful in white!