Best price on Kooba Nicole in rose?

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  1. Finally I made up my mind with the color but realised that AE doesn't carry it, so doesn't JCMAdison. Where to get it cheaper? Any coupon code? Thanks a lot!
  2. There was a recent thread about reputable Kooba sellers on eBay... you might be able to find a good deal that way. Let me see if I can find which one it was in...
  3. Thanks KoobaLover! I did check eBay, no rose Nicole.
    BTW, my Nordstroms is sold out of Red Elisha and I don't see it on AE and revolve as well.
  4. You can ask LNinos on eBay if he'll sell it offline. Lexi2000 got her rose Nicole for $419 shipped, maybe he'll still have a reasonable deal?