Best price for Tracy?

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  1. I'm thisclose to buying the tan/taupe Tracy that Intermix is selling for $799... has anyone seen it for an even better price?
  2. It was $472.00 plus tax at the Saks Designer Consolidation sale in Beverly Hills at presale. The sale actually started today but preselling was done last week. Try calling Saks BH.
  3. Oops. My mistake, it was the whiskey/taupe on sale at BH. The only other place I saw this bag at is Chloé Bahrain and it's on sale for $696 and shipping. Here's the post under Deals and Steals:

    I have the smaller version of this bag from luisaviaroma (now out of stock) and at first I thought I didn't like the colour combination but now I love it!
  4. thanks eucalyptic, for the tips!:heart:
    I called Saks in BH and the gal on the phone told me she sold out of that bag earlier today. :sad:
    The Saks in NYC told me that they sent all of their leftover sale bags to Off 5th locations or back to Chloe, and even some to Net-a-porter. I didn't realize they did that! Anyway...
    I will try calling around to some more off 5ths to see if anyone has it.
  5. Try calling Gretta Luxe, I think they had one for 60% off a few days ago .... I'm not sure what location ..... try both! Good luck!
  6. I thought it only came in Two 2-toned colors?
    taupe(which looks tan) /whiskey (which they call cognac).
    They call them different colors and styles to further confuse us :wtf:

    Phone around to Nordstrom's.
    Returns come in all the time and the price adjustments make them great buys!
  7. Chicbags, you're a doll! Thanks for the tips!

    I live in NYC, and I found an Intermix that has the bag in the store, so I'm going to check it out in person to make sure I love it. But truly, thanks for your help! :heart:
  8. KMSNYC,
    Any luck with GL?
  9. I've been bitten by this need to have a tracy too! :push: (Where did it came from????????) Did you have any luck finding it kmsnyc??? I notice LVR has it for approximately USD$580 plus delivery. Tempting...
  10. My Tracy from Luisaviaroma, the medium Tracy with two front pockets in Whiskey and Tan came out to US$652.65 shipping included. I expect to get a customs bill in the mail soon from FedEx.
  11. I went to the Intermix store in NYC today that had the bag in stock as of yesterday... and it was gone. :sad:
    The sales gal was able to locate one in Atlanta, so it's being sent to me. I'll post pics when I get it! It was $799. I realize I probably could have gotten it for a bit cheaper, but the way this bag seems to be disappearing in the large size, I wanted to snag it while I could.
    The gal at Intermix confirmed for me that she's seen this bag in the whiskey and taupe two tone, and also the whiskey and tan two-tone. I wanted to whiskey/tan combo, and that's what's on the Intermix website, so *hopefully* that's the bag I'm getting!
    I had seen the whiskey/taupe bags a while back in Saks and I didn't love the color combo for myself. Then I saw a woman at the post office with the same bag but in whiskey and orangey tan, and I loved that combo. I thought maybe hers what a knockoff and that's why the color was different, but according to the woman at Intermix, it did come in different but similar shades. Weird, huh? Does anyone have any insight into that?
  12. GL had the medium sized one, and not the large one I was looking for. But thanks so much for your help! :heart:
  13. KM- There are two different color combos on the Tracy. The whiskey/taupe and the whiskey/tan. I can't find a photo of the whiskey/tan but here is the whiskey/taupe. Intermix had the whiskey/tan online so that's probably the one your getting. LVR also had the whiskey/tan.
  14. Here's my Whiskey/Tan: