Best price for Peekaboo mini

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  1. My DIL is traveling and wants to purchase the mini peekaboo. She will be in Paris and Italy and wondering if there is a difference in the price of the Fendi Peekaboo between these two locations? In Italy she’ll be in Florence and she may or may not make it to Milan. Any suggestions on the best prices to purchase are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I remember there being a website which gave current pricing for some luxury brands. I purchased my Fendi from Milan and found it to be cheaper than France. But that was awhile ago. I'm assuming Florence would be equivalent in pricing to Milano. I loved the Milano Flagship store though-it was an amazing experience. Don't forget for her to take advantage of the tax return. I was living overseas at the time so I couldn't but it's definitely worth the line wait at the airport. This varies between airports though. Hope your DIL has a lovely experience overseas.
  3. Thank you so much ! I will pass this info on to her. I appreciate it!
  4. When looking at and choosing shipping to France and shipping to Italy the prices are the same.
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