Best price for Chloe Drew Mini?

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  1. I’ve been on the lookout for a Chloe Drew Mini bag in Cement Pink for a while now. Here in Australia, I can get it for $2,299 but this price seems too much for me, especially since I saw it on sale for around $1380 on Black Friday but I was too late to get it.

    I am going to Europe this year and was wondering if it is cheaper and better value for money over there? The price on the UK website says 1090 pounds which converts to around $1970, and that will still save me $329 which is good. I can’t find any prices for other countries like Italy and France, so any price estimates would be good!
  2. The original price should be around 1250€ I believe. :smile: Good luck!
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  3. Hi. This is too much for that bag, you'd better buy it in Europe or in the UK. Also, send us the photo when you'll buy it.

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  4. And yes the original price is 1250€.
  5. the countries with euros def have the best Prices for chloe.
    the drew is on sale on many sites.
  6. as @minababe said, the drew is on sale on many sites. i have gotten a chloe (nile bag) on sale via they always have good sales and sometimes an extra 10% off
  7. I just found the bag for 20% off online on David Jones (Australian department store). I’m so happy, I’ve saved $459! I’ll make sure to post pics when it comes.
  8. Is it still available?
  9. When I got mine there were 4 left, so best to check it on the website.
  10. Also, the price comes up as the full price but once you put it in the cart, the discounted price shows.
  11. My Chloe Drew arrived yesterday! She is definitely the most beautiful bag I own.

  12. What a lovely bag that is!
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  13. very neat.... sooooo lady color
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  14. Agreed! And I love how it looks pink or nude depending on the lighting or what you’re wearing.
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  15. I saw this in person today. It really is gorgeous
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