Best Present EVER (and everyone will love it_ - Promise!!

  1. I like that :smile:
  2. I also like that!! although some people may not appreciate that kind of gift! lol But I would!
  3. kind of cool
  4. oooh, that's really neat!
  5. That's really cool..perfect gift for someone who has everything
  6. That's great. I've heard about this program before and it really helps people a lot!
  7. That used to be a dowry, right? Like, "When my husband marries me, my family gives him four cows and three goats."
  8. My husband would wnat the actual goats
  9. I think they do give you the actual goats.

    "No ifs or butts - a goat is a great gift. Even the kids can get involved. You start with one and end up with a herd. They can then be sold to raise cash for school fees, or tools and start to reduce poverty. Best of all, the first female kid is given to another family and the process starts all over again. This gift really has legs!"

    (My sister has two male alpacas, by the way. She uses the wool to make yarn and sweaters.)
  10. Hahaha . . . . I think I'm on something. I think what happens is people donate the money and then they'll use that money for that particular thing. (1600 pounds gets a mango plantation.)

    When you buy a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped you actually give so much more.

    The cost of your gift includes extra elements which will ensure that it has the biggest possible impact on the lives of people living in poverty. The diagram gives an example of how this works.

    • The animal goes to where it is needed most
    • Transport for the animal to reach its new home
    • Vaccinations to keep animals healthy
    • Vaccination training for families
    • Training for families in animal husbandry
    • Market awareness training so families can make the most of their assets
    • The costs of Oxfam Unwrapped
  11. :weird:
  12. very cool :yes:
  13. ... i dont get it.

    [im blonde, whats your excuse?]
  14. is this one of those things where you pay to have livestock given to a third world family? my high school supported a program like that, it wasn't this one, but it was similar. it's a great cause, what they do actually helps everyday needy families (unlike a lot of charities, where it's hard to measure exactly WHAT your money does for anyone.)