Best PreLoved sites to buy VCA?

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  1. Hi all! Is there a list of websites to buy preloved VCA or can you list your favorites? :smile:

    I look frequently on:

    Ann's Fabulous Finds
    True Facet
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  2. I saw that Yoogi's seems to carry a nice selection (over time) of VCA. I went & signed in to get updates on any VCA pieces listed for sale. I trust Yoogi's implicitly.
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  3. I forgot about Yoogi's Thanks!
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  4. AFF, oakgem, beladora, JS fearnley...
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  5. Thanks!
  6. Collector square in France
  7. I would not recommend True Facet. I had a very bad experience with them. Luckily I did find out the piece I bought on their site was not authentic before it shipped (they told me) but it them took 2 full weeks for them to reimburse me and they do not answer emails when they know they are at fault. They do not have all the jewelry pieces listed on their site at their location. So the piece you are looking at is for sale on several other sites. They claim that they authenticate it when the person that has it in their possession mails it to them. The entire process is not explained in that way on their site and they are a poorly run company. I plan on only buying my VCA in the future from a VCA boutique. BTW the fake piece of VCA I am talking about is now for sale on Tradesy with the exact photos that were on True Facet!
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  9. Ok, did not know. Thanks. :idea:
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  10. I have known Isolaria703 on eBay personally for over 20 years. I consign my VCA and other pieces though her. Her items are authentic.
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  11. Ditto, and you couldn't ask for a nicer seller.
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