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  1. I heard she did makeover in Japan but i don't know where's the clinic she done.If it's possible i really want to go there to facial reconstruction.I want cheekbone reduction and chin shaving.But just both korea can do.But i don't know which one is the best for facial bone surgery.First i will go to banobagi but so overcharge about 15million won.Now i guess i will go to smallface clinic cuz haven't screw on bone procedure.And the other place is cinderella clinic it's the same surgery technical but can't review case example of cinderella cuz their website is korean& heard cinderella very poppular and the actress go there.(Is it really?)Who can recommend me for two place that which one i shoud?Pleazzzz:queen::sos:
  2. Hi, Hippy
    I just looked around the website of Banobagi and cinderella. And based on my opinion from comparing the photos before and after surgery of these two clinics, i thought the Banobagi is more natural, coz i saw some surgical patients who did the nose surgery in Cinderella and they seem look fake.
    But in order to have the best results, i recommend you go to both surgery clinics and heard about the opinions from the people who did surgery here.
  3. hi guys, thanks for all your information you shared ...
    i'm in uk now and plan to do pc (nose and whole legs reduction)in Korean this summer, but hv no idea abt which clinic to choose.....maybe anyone has done the above surgery and could recommend one viable clinic with high credibility??? any one the locals in korean recommend ? cuz i heard oz and bk ... are all particularly for us foreigners and not that liable as it seems....
  4. hi there....are u planning to visit Banobagi? as im planning to visit them in this coming june.....
  5. Hi all, thank God I find this forum because finally I can have a place to share my thoughts and research on having plastic surgery in korea...

    Actually I am Chinese Indonesian and I am interested to have a plastic surgery in Korea because the surgeon in Indonesia are not that good..and just seeing those korean star transformation REALLY is tempting for me..I want to do upperblepharoplasty, nose job, and facial contouring (i hate my squarish wide face)

    There is an ad in Indonesia for having a medical tour package to Korea Plastic Surgeon : Dr. Jung Hoon Lee (Member of the Korean society of plastic and reconstructive surgeons.)
    Any one ever heard of these?

    I really need you girls help because I am clueless about this plastic surgery thing (it's even still considered as taboo here in Indonesia) but I really want to do it because i agree to previous comment that every women has a right to be beautiful and even if we are not born with it, we can still work it out by effort(plastic surgery)..

    Also do you girls think it is cheaper/more convenient to have a medical package set up by professional or to just do it independently (fly to Seoul, do my own pick up of surgeon etc)...anyway i am planning to go this April..anyone interested?a company that speak bahasa or malay would be nice :smile: but I can speak american english too so anyone is welcome..
  6. hei colour are so so very did it go? i want to do facial contouring in korea too..but some said that the facial contouring is the most risky plastic surgery of all..yeah my parents still think i am crazy too for wanting to go under this how's your parent reaction? are they mad because u 'smuggle' yourself to korea? or are they even amazed by the result..please contact me at if you dont mind i really want to ask you about the details..really nice to hear from you girls..
  7. Hi dear members,
    Do any of you heard anything about this clinic Abgujung seoul plasic surgery? I had seen soompi forum CLICK under Beauty n Fashion thread under Double Eyelid surgery page 364-365(got pic) this forum lady did her 3rd revision by Dr Lee Min Goo. Her previous twice eyelid surgery was DONE BADLY other clinic very bad experience. she is now happy with her result after lowering eyelid and ptosis collection with Dr Lee. I had similar high crease problem like her i posted my pic in this purse forum under Revisional eyelid surgery,you all can take a look for reference.
  8. hi..there..planning to do liposuction in korea.....any recommend for me??
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    Choice to Make,is also a hard time...

    Something to share with all of the members. This morn i called Banobagi and Abgujung seoul plastic surgery the first line is computer operator in korean, i dont understand korean so i press one number and happens someone attended me.They put me though over the phone for 5mins another gal attend she cant even speak simple english..just say call me back with my number drop down. Although Abgujung seoul plastic surgery is gd in review but bad impression is they straight away hang up my phone after that i called again cant get though. This makes me freak out!

    I wonder if i go korea alone or with our dear forum members for consultation even got translators that might be a gd choice provided my revision turns out well. What if its not? After i come back singapore i got no one to turn to? Depression again? lose my job again? lose my freedom to step out of house again? Hence revision over revision is v risky, i rather pay abit more to bk dongyang at least i got Elaine who is currently working under Dr kim, she live in singapore. she can takecare our post ops.

    Regarding about Bk Dongyang bad review after sales service had been clarifIed by elaine. Bk Dongyang clinic is very big there are many other doctors work under Dr Kim however diff dr got diff principle. In Korea many Dr will try to accomodate paitents requirements and budget, some paitents insist to skip procedure without considering the outcome results may vary. For Elaine she work under head of directors Dr kim if Dr kim did the same thing like others she will lose her job. So till now she got no complains under her case but she not sure to those who walk in by themself.

    However she really understand everyone has budget so usually if Dr kim advise procedure for maxi results,if paitent cant affort Elaine will feedback to Dr kim n will diagnose again see what solution to come out with. Thus Dr kim n Elaine will explain why necessary and the prone and cons about skipping procedure. Moreover i had seen 2-3 revision eyelid case with Dr kim seems to be gd too. This makes me finalise to go to Dr kim,i rather squeeze all my money to go for it that saving here and there to korea end up after calculating the cost in revision surgery, air ticket, hotel, transport fees and food expenses added up diff comparing to i spent on bk dongyang trip to korea average diff about 1k but this can brings me back to singapore safe n sound with accompanies and assurance.

    I would say if going korea to search for clinic is rather gd for people who can speak korean or usually primary eyelid surgery stands the most advantage because no other complication but must do research well ya.
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    Hi Sekihan, that depends on what kind of result u want? my bro did his nose in taiwan turns out look natural with suitable height for his nose bridge. happy. diff people expectation. In forum i seen reviews on Bk Dongyang dr kim,Dr Jung Shimmian Rhinolplasty clinic, Banobagi and Vip clinic seems to be gd. Please do some research on them.
  11. Hey Annieling 7272,
    I'll be in Korea mid June and plan to visit them. Which doctor are you going to see?
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    Dear all members,

    Please help me......

    I will be most appreciated if you could share any information from any korean frds review on this clinic name PETIT NOBLE? website is someone who work in korea say this clinic Dr Koh is well know for his skill in Local Korea People.

    Sorry for this urgent post,as im running out of time to do extra research hence i do not have other direct korean frds in singapore. Due to my failure eyelid surgery i left my previous job. Im fortunately enough to join back my company this time.There is opening in July,but i have to start work by July and i cant take anymore long leave so i have to do my Revision in next Early May 2011.

    Please drop me an email at or Pm me. Thank u.
  13. Hi, I'm Chinese Indonesian and I also want to do a nasal bridge surgery in Korea. I would love to go with another person, as I have never been to Korea and don't speak the language at all (i've been to japan). Do you know anything about applying for a visa for Indonesian, how easy is it to get a visa to undergo a surgery in Korea?

    I'd love to hear from u, and if anyone is able to help, I would really love to know about which places are best to stay for accomodation (preferably cheap backpackers) and what doctors are best for asian standard flat nose. (i want to get a high bridge implant, but some of the after ops results have noses that are just way too high for asian faces) i just want a natural look with slightly smaller nostrils.

    Can anyone pls recommend me good doctors/accomo??

  14. Perhaps you could help me?

  15. Worries, when will you be arriving in Seoul? Sorry this is the first time i've heard of Petit clinic but i also read that aps is pretty good. Have you checked out the after photos some of their patients have posted?? It's worrying that their customer service didnt seem very good over the phone but perhaps it'll be different if you visit them in person??

    Another clinic i heard is good is Dream clinic although their work is good I do remember a reviewer said that they're very busy so you may seem rushed.

    I hope that you keep us all updated with you surgery and I hope you enjoy the rest before you restart work :smile:

    Feel free to PM me if you like, i'll be heading to Kr late may
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