best plastic surgery clinics in Korea

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  1. Sorry, didnt answer ur Qn. Yea, im going alone. And thinking of Grand or Teuim. Will do the shortlist again among these clinic grand,teuim,banobagi,dream,real. So far have some setback while considering others.
  2. Wow, so exciting!! You are gg there in less than a mth!!
    I can only take leave sometime in Nov..
    I'm trying to find some kakis going with me so that it will be more fun!
    What do you intend to do? :smile:

  3. I just PM her. Hope she will reply. Btw is she sporean? I was just talking to a American Chinese.
  4. I was initially dead set on small face cos I dislike the idea of screws in my face. but there r reasons why other clinics are still using screws to secure the bones even though majority hate screws. what I understand is that our bones have "memory", they might grow back or move to the original position if doctor did not secure the bones by screws or wires after fracturing it.
    One forumer said dr seo from grand is great and the consultant told me as well dr kim or dr seo will be doing my v line n cheekbone if I decide on grand it depends on their availability. There are so many dr kims thing I know for sure dr seo is not a maxillofacial surgeon...bones surgeries itself is a delicate surgeries,hence I prefer a specialist to do it. a plastic surgeon is like a general practioner,jack of all trades but master in none. But grand before and after amazed me,likewise for cinderella. there were some forumers who mentioned abt chaundamun, is this korean name of cinderella??

    smallface actually quoted me 10million won for both cheekbone n vline.the cheapest quote I have gotten and their consultant is so friendly. Regen quoted 6 to 7 million for zygoma, 5.5 to 11million for jaw reduction, their range is ridiculously big. I think there are room for bargaining. id quoted me 8.5m for vline but hk got it at 7.5m and id quoted me 5.5million for zygoma reduction. The consultant specifically told me they are not able to offer me a discount if I want dr park to operate on me, at most they will round down the a few thousands... I will get a discount if I ask for other surgeon. Samsung didnt reply me. Banobagi quoted me 16m for vline n zygoma. Item quoted me 4million for zygoma and 5million for mandibular reduction..not sure whether v line refers to shaving down of jaw bones and the muscle..

    its so expensive. I wonder I can bring the total price down by two million won if I go there without translator since zoe only can confirm her availability two months before I set off.
  5. go with me in december.lmao.... I m from singapore too
  6. Oh.. Bro Shane, u have a sharp face profile now.. Slimmer ya! Oh your nose still got silicone wor.. Initially I thought is dermis graft..
    Ya maybe dermis graft can't give a very define contour so silicone plus dermis graft give a greater result .. Ur nose indeed look great even though it's still swelling ... I don't wanna any foreigner implant, only keen in dermis graft n rib so Dr kao told me honestly dermis graft alone cannot give a definite bridge contour so he advise rib graft, I'm lucky that end up I don't need any implant after silicone removal.. I'm happy with my curve bridge from lateral n side profile view. But maybe im Asking for perfection. I find my front view without any implant I don't have that 3D profile lOok..

    Good thing is that it look nature, my frds say right now my nose look harmony n cute so I will just stay with it.. :smile:
  7. I am not sporean, but from Europe/Japan.

    I asked the cleaning lady to order for me, but it requires you have a phone you can use to call the shop.
    or you can go to the convenience store on the corner and buy it fom there :smile:

    ginger, my swelling has finally decided to leave! think you'll be surprised to see what I look like on Tuesday :smile: much much more like myself lol!
  8. Hiiii.....good luck,how I envy you yuhuuuuuuuu enjoy....
  9. U,look so different,ur nose look natural now,btw wonder why now ur lips look smaller although I know u didn't do anything with that,also the eyes also different,nose also cheeck different,u have a good result

  10. Great! I hb been walking along the main street fm highland leading to BK. Let me know when u r going to BK. Yes, finally managed to meet the godfather of this thread!
  11. Thanks, Neutronia. :smile:
  12. Hi, I just had surgery in ID days ago. May I know how did u know it's someone else tts performing the surgery? Tks.
  13. It was great meeting u too, Tooney. Finally, we cld put some faces to the names. Regarding Hotel Highland, may I add these for ladies:
    1. Dark corridor with room no. In red light might turn u off abit in the beginning.
    2. Staircase leading to the entrance is challenging for someone who usually doesn't manage her own luggage. Luckily, a Korean outside the compound helped me carry to the reception counter.

    I just had my hair wash at Juno today. They charged me 20krw!?! Was it coz of my stitches tt I asked for special care not to hv water contact?
  14. Wish I had consulted grand's facial contouring. Well, it's now done and I pray hard tt the result will be excellent!
  15. Just because you see other surgeon dr park doesn't mean some other surgeon is performing the surgery. Every clinic required a few assisting surgeon to help with the main surgeon, especially ifs its a major procedure such as 2 jaw or ASO. To accuse ID of having some one else perform the surgery is jumping into conclusion with out first assessing the fact. When i had my surgery done at ID back in april, i had the same concern as well. But it was dr park who woke me up from the GA. I know that doesn't prove anything, but assume that it was some other surgeon who perform my surgery, knowing that dr park was around to supervise the procedure is assuring enough for me. Who care which surgeon did the surgery, whats important is the result you achieved afterward that really count. I wouldn't want dr park doing my surgery if he can't produce the result that i wanted.
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