best plastic surgery clinics in Korea

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  1. Thanks for your encouragement. My healing is coming along nicely but pale in comparison to ginger candy who is having a field day with her recovery process. Its amazing how fast her swelling has come down. I can only hope that my swelling doesn't get worse then when it first started :smile: you hang in there your self my dear. Education comes first before anything else. Dr hong is a terrific surgeon despite what you may heard from other. So i have no doubt that time will only excel on his current knowledge and skill as a plastic surgeon. Dr hong did an amazing job with ginger candy and i'm sure he will do an equally beautiful job on you when ever you ready to take that plunge.
  2. did anyone here asked the surgeons about the screws and plates used in facial contouring? i mean, nothing last forever rite? will the metal implants corrode over time or have side effects when you get older? i wonder why some doctors use metal implants to fix the bones while some do not. shane, do u have any idea?
  3. Shane77, everyone has different healing rate. Stay positive as u hv always been. Cheers!:woohoo::woohoo:
  4. Mother of the ps thread (Hongkongpooey),

    Where r u? London Olympic is over. Come back pls..
    How hv u been?
  5. Mother of the ps thread (Hongkongpooey),

    Where r u? London Olympic is over. Come back pls..
    How hv u been?
  6. Hi,
    Has anyone heard of Tea Tree Co Hotel? It is located at sinsa dong, gangnam gu. It has citibank ATM at the lobby. Is it near to the clinic? Lotsa good reviews at trip advisor.
  7. I don't think my bridge is too high ,anyway I have a ok bridge to start with but dr hong just want it to be more define so he used 3mm silicon for me. I think what I see will pretty much what I will get, the only thing that will change will be the size of the tip because there still a bit swelling there. Now they look fine to me but after the swelling I hope it will be a fair bit sharper otherwise I can also live with how it look now.

  8. Cool!! Now u could proudly hit the street n shop till u drop..btw, u r allowed to stay in their guesthouse for free? One week?
  9. The screw and plate used by surgeon are usually non rusting and has been approved for use for facial surgery. Some surgeon would used soluble type screw and plate but the problem with that is there is a chance that the soluble plate and screw may break before the bone has a chance to fully consolidate. You have the option to have the plate and screw removed after 6 months, but normally people just leave it in cause removing it required additional surgery which not a lot of people are too keen to go through again.
  10. Does anyone know if Dr. Hong is good with double eyelid surgery as well? Seems like he's famous for nose only..
  11. :heart: Thanks shane for the comfort, I really do hope so. Once I saved the $$, I'll plunge right in ASAP! :biggrin:
    Every one has different healing process. Dont worry much.. optimism helps. Just think "Im gonna look awesome like soon!!!! x99999999" :smile::smile:
  12. Shane do u know that dr hong also good for eyelid?
  13. I am not sure is dr hong famous in eye surgery but I can said that he had eye for detail, so last minutes before he send me to the op room he said he will remove the fats in my eyelid to completed the look. That was a great bonus because I need it but didn't ask the consultant about it because I am sure she will charge me a few hundred buck extra. I didnt ask dr hong too ! He just gave it to me! The moment I work up not aware of the others condition but I can tell my eyelid felt lighter when I open them ... And I am loving it. However please bear in mind mine was as simple as removing excess fat from the eyelid so thats not a good judgement to said that he is good in that field.
  14. hi gingerCandy,

    I've been reading the posts lately, and it seems like that you had just a nose surgery done by dr. Hong. I've been thinking about the same procedure done this coming September. Would you tell me about dr. Hong a little bit? And if you have any advice please share =)
  15. Thats the spirit my dear:smile: while you're waiting for enough saving to do plastic, continue to read up on everything you can about the procedures that you wanted to do. Knowledge is power and the more you posses knowledge the better the choice you'll be able to make:smile:
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