best plastic surgery clinics in Korea

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  1. Anyone get fat injections to plump their face? I'm considering it...
  2. would be better if no makeup is applied even for AFTER pics
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    # 01. Jangwooyoung (plenty of victims, information here to solve ㅎ ㄱraneun lawyer ... you do not mind it?)

    # 02. Bakwonjin (screwed human placenta, the patient blindness).

    # 03. Gimbyeonggeon BK Plastic Surgery Clinic - (ssangkeopul ruined plenty of pretty patient. Artists also where chaerina mangchim. I came out patient minor cosmetic side effects, surgery date naemyeo accept personal memorandum to urge on the scene reported that it would like to know you're not hompi doenba but woogim hospital. Consult a doctor not doing the actual surgery, surgical anesthesia by the patient for surgery for another place and another doctor of doctors and nurses joined, as a patient Mall yeminjeung ㄹahgam)

    # 04. Jerim (makbakkwoseo intraoperative use materials, medical, accident or death, evasion of responsibility)

    # 05. Yiyoungjin (Couture) - (evasion of responsibility, plenty of patients who screwed)

    # 06. Gangnam-gu Office gimyoungjae - (non-contact, plenty of patients who ruined your life. Revelation LeeYoungJa surgery)

    # 07. Apgujeong yidongrak (screwed human placenta, aka robotic heart specialist).

    # 08. Fatima (screwed plenty of patients, vision statement, yippeotdeon oksori mangchim eyes).
    # 09. Seolleung Chul (the name Magic break) (screwed plenty of patients, evasion of responsibility, the broker, beware).

    # 10. Seonneungyeok Kim (screwed plenty of patients, evasion of responsibility, may make a lawsuit).

    # 11. Venus Yichang (the name brand feed) (prior to Seolleung) (vision statement) - screwed plenty of patients, current pro-theater, has caught numerous lawsuits, property, everything ppaedolrim, death occurred

    # 12. Yihuimun Kangnam Plastic Surgery (yokjaengyi) - Patients profane personality, hype and evasion of responsibility, elsewhere reoperation Difficult

    # 13. Kim Myeong-reoperation Difficult elsewhere, threatening patients

    # 14. Subrogation Plastic Surgery imperial nine-vision statement. Preview Pro-theater. Screwed patients (famous, huh?)

    # 15. Lee Jung-screwed human placenta, evasion of responsibility, the patient, threatening yeondaehaksachulsinincheokham

    # 16. Gimtaeman - Inha University Hospital, and patients with affective faces fronting the interdisciplinary network referred to as the flippers to hit naemim

    # 17. Nowon-Lotte anhobeom-patients to sue, then fight to spoil

    # 18. Optima - Yeoksamdong: deduct points on your face with a coin ten thousand mandeum

    # 19. Gimsam - not a refund for surgery ruined haejum

    # 20. Ohyounghwan - yoaenyoungeuro Name feed

    # 21. Heartwood also - Plastic Surgery Clinic of the heartwood

    # 22. Yijeongjae - yijeongjae Plastic Surgery

    # 23. Yihuiyoung Kangnam Plastic Surgery

    # 24. Seongnakgwan - seongnak Tube Surgery

    # 25. Choeohgyu - Global Seoul Plastic Surgery

    # 26. Cleopatra Cosmetic Surgery (jangdomyeong) - I want to know it made into a coma after surgery of the face, and evasion of responsibility lies in a hospital cut off after going to a foreign country opened a private hospital - "Cleo Cosmetic Surgery"

    # 27. Yihuimun - yokjaengyi, patients profane personality, hype and evasion of responsibility, elsewhere reoperation Difficult

    # 28. Yihuijung - mibyeongwon

    # 29. Beaux-Arts Cosmetic Surgery

    # 30. Gyareumhan Cosmetic Surgery - Patient profane personality, plenty of victims, evasion of responsibility, threatening patients, surgery ruined anhaejum a refund, after ruining the patient to sue, fighting numerous lawsuits that make a

    # 31. Hoon-surgery ruined anhaejum a refund, liability avoidance, threatening patients

    # 32. Yunjinnyeong to-face points coins manhage mandeum ppyaeda

    # 33. Gwakhyeokjun Cosmetic Surgery - Patient intimidation, evasion of responsibility, mold poisoning induced

    # 34. Magic Plastic Surgery

    # 35. Luxury Cosmetic Surgery

    # 36. Nobles

    # 37. Anhobeom - Mother superior sangdamman anhobeomeun to tell the other doctor referred to surgery

    # 38. Sinunsik Surgery

    # 39. Misarang

    # 40. Sovereignty - gaeteokmandeum

    # 41. Choejaewon-surgery ruined a refund anhaejum

    # 43. Midam Plastic Surgery - without conscience uisaim

    # 44 Grand - without conscience, no refund uisaim + surgery ruined anhaejum

    # 45. Singal Christmas Plastic Surgery - Vision statement

    # 46. Choeeungok midam Surgery Institute - Ptosis Ptosis professional possessed not even the right thing seems a little small, but eye surgery, eyelid ptosis that I think it's important to have

    # 47. Lee Jung natural Plastic Surgery

    # 48. Seoljaeyun

    # 49. Senator slim - a vision statement

    # 50. Fine Lines Cosmetic Surgery - Vision statement

    # 51. Wonjin

    # 52. Jangiksu

    # 53. Gimseyoung-surgery ruined anhaejum a refund. Evasion of responsibility

    # 54. Face-line (Apgujeong) - plenty big victim, a man for all that you can not Post Your facial surgery, facial deformities mandeum gwonhaeseo. Especially famous for making hapjukyi side effects, never! Do not tell. That the shock and became unconditional. Really expensive surgery. Not reoperation

    Ohohmi ... There's a plastic surgeon father in building You're blind 괜히 creepy ...

    #42 missing/blank
    a few others are mentioned on
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  4. You are simply the best marir! Thank you!!! :smile:
  5. Found this article v helpful on how to chose your plastic surgeon.

    I totally agree on the part where it says that, "The amount of time your surgeon spends with you before surgery is indicative of the time he or she spends performing the surgery and taking care of you afterwards."

    Read many reviews here that some surgeons are rushing through their consultation, and pushing the clients to take up more surgeries than they originally wanted. Unless you are convinced by their professional recommendation, that more will look good on your face, then you can regard their advice as valid. Other than that, beware they are just trying to get more business out of you.

    Good luck.
  6. i have been looking through at regen's website, supermodel mirander kerr was there (wonder what she did) 0_0, anyone know which doctor is good in regen?
  7. This is Jung Il Bong's website :smile: He appeared on the news.. apparently does many celebrities!!
  8. I should be there on the 1st of Nov, however I havn't got my ticket yet. Which day are you thinking to go?
  9. I hate to add to the indeciciveness I'm sure many of you are experiencing, but here are some more clinics I found mainly in Apgujeong. I looked up "plastic surgery" on the Korean Google, and these clinics came up in the following order. Google order goes by most viewed first, so I guess these are popular clinics among Korean locals.

    Some clinics posted pictures of doctors with celebrities, so I assumed they're clients. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    * Means they provide an English website, which suggests they have English speaking doctors. Bear in mind that some of the non-English websites actually have English-speaking doctors.

    *Belita Clinic (Sidus HQ, received the Korea Global Medical Service Award)

    Dr. Jung's Rhinoplasty Clinic

    *Olive Clinic (has appeared on MBC, KBS, SBS, and, popular)

    Medi Art Clinic (impressed with leg before & afters, provide PPC shots which I've heard girl groups use before their comeback)

    *365MC (Korea's #1 obesity clinic, lots of awards)

    Wave Plastic Surgery & Laser Center (American Society of Plastic Surgeons certified)


    *Miz Plastic Surgery

    Kangnam Aesthetic Clinic

    Grand Plastic Surgery

    Optima Clinic (specialize in eyes)

    Lee's Plastic Surgery Clinic (featured by KBS)

    Midam Plastic Surgery (has done celebrities)

    *ABC Clinic

    *Regen Plastic Surgery-Dermatology (really impressive before & afters, has done many celebrities... check out "star of Regen")

    Profile Plastic Surgery (some really dramatic transformations)

    Gain Plastic Surgery (impressive transformations)

    *The Line (specialize in body contouring surgery)

    *Samsung (yes, the phone company lol)

    Beauty Forever (has done celebrities)

    Jelim (impressive facial reconstruction photos)


    Namu Plastic Surgery

    La Foret (reviews on great service)


    Jamie Plastic Surgery

    Wannabe Plastic Surgery

    *Dr. Park Plastic Surgery (KBS TV)

    Fox Plastic Surgery (SBS, KBS, seem to have a lot of good reviews)

    *Her She (has done celebrities)

    Jewelry (possibly did surgery for SIM Ent, there's a pretty hot doctor here lol)

    *Center for Human Appearance Plastic Surgery

    SU Best Plastic Surgery (has done celebrities)

    Am I the only one who feels extremely overwhelmed with the amount of plastic surgery clinics to choose from? :wtf:
  10. Sure thing. I actually want a really dramatic transformation (think Park Min Young), so I have these clinics in mind:
    Regen, Profile, Dr. Yang, Face-Line, Jung Il Bong, Medi Art Legs, Starline, and maybe Teuimps.

    Sorry the list isn't very condensed, but Regen is my top choice for now. My best friend, who actually lives near "plastic surgery street" in Apgujeong, says he'll help research clinics for me and let me know which ones have good reviews. I'll let you know when I hear from him. ^^

  11. I got this information from Teuimps, but I think this government policy covers all plastic surgery clinics.

    "Due to change of Korean government's tax policy, there will be 10% tax on Cosmetic surgeries in Korea from July 1st, 2011."

  12. Not true. Naver or Daum is a more popular search engine among Koreans.
  13. Hehe I know. ^^ What I meant was that people who DO use Google Korea (namely, Koreans) search those clinics (popularity descending) on that search engine.
    When I had searched up "plastic surgery" in Naver and Daum, the same clinics shown in Google Korea came up, but Naver and Daum had them scattered all over the place. Google Korea showed more of a selection too, so I posted those findings on here instead.

    Thank you for your comment though. I don't want people to think that all of the clinics I posted are popular with locals. I only wrote that because I was initially just planning on posting the top 5 searched clinics, but ended up writing a book... and forgot to edit that part. Sorry! And looking again through all of the search engines, I noticed I didn't post these clinics out of laziness:

    Korea Plastic Surgery

    Sehyun Aesthetic Clinic


    Dr. 4 Nose

    4 Ever


    Ni Clinic

    On another note, I suggest people look for the logos shown here on the websites of the clinics they're interested in. If the website doesn't show one of the certified logos, then giving them a call to make sure the doctors have had ample experience would be a smart move. Why? Because not all clinics are good. See here:
  14. Thanks for the info on the clinics :p . it's really mind boggling sorting through all the clinics and trying to decide which one is right for me ?

    Like u im also looking for a dramatic change but more of a eurasian look cause i still want to retain my unique asian features. i figured if im gonna do plastic surgery then it's gonna be a dramatic transformation where people won't recognized me but in a good way !
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