Best Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea -read 1st post before posting.

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  1. We decided that a new thread was necessary. Please read this first post completely BEFORE you post in this thread.

    • If you are here to promote a clinic, doctor, translator, forum, blog, etc. . . you will be banned w/o warning.
      [*]ALL posts on the Purse Forum must be in English only.
      [*]Please do not post your e-mail address publicly, for millions of people to see. We cannot go back and edit them all out when you decide this was a bad decision.
      [*]Please be very careful about meeting complete strangers in person from an online community. We do not screen people, anyone can join. It's not safe. Discussing such meetings should take place off tPF or in PM.

      More info:

    Finally, please stay on topic at all times :tender: This topic is popular which means the thread will be long and move quickly. Extra off topic content will muddy up the helpful information.
  2. Hey Bambii, pls relate yr experience with Regen as soon as u could.

    Good luck:smile:
  3. hey marir, the naver links that you posted were all deleted by a moderator because they contained nonenglish characters. is it possible to repost them without the korean characters so that it will not be deleted?

    thanks so much. i didn't get a chance to see any of the content before it was deleted, but it was a very valuable resource
  4. Hi Swanky Mama Of Three,

    I think most people here are just trying to help one another by providing as many resources as possible, considering this thread is about plastic surgery in a foreign country, in which our resources are limited. But I understand how providing outside resources could violate forum rules, so I apologize and thank you for clearly (re)stating those rules for everyone.
    With that aside, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what exactly do you mean by promoting? Like if someone shared their personal experience, saying something like...

    "I had my surgeries done at ___ clinic by ___ doctor, and had a great experience. You guys should definitely check them out."


    "So and so is an amazing Korean translator, and I don't know I would have done without her. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a translator on their trip to Korea."

    ...would these be considered promoting, and be grounds for a ban? Thanks! ^^
  5. Nope, promoting is when someone is advertising for personal gain. Like a lot of the banned members were banned because they get referral $ for coming and saying good things about a doc and then you go and say they referred you.
    Others are banned due to promoting their own website, etc. . .

    The other reason the posts were removed, aside from us requiring all English, is there were links to other forums.

    People need to be aware that when they read hugely positive reviews about a doc or translator, etc. . . that there's a very good chance it's merely an employee looking to promote.

    We provide this amazing platform for people to exchange experiences and advice, it's highly valuable :yes:
    But when you get people diluting the advice just to promote a doc then it's no longer reliable. We're not trying to quiet anyone except those w/ ulterior motives.
  6. They weren't only deleted because of the non-English characters, but also because the Naver links I provided were from another forum, namely a Korean cafe. That violated the "do not promote other forums" rule, even if it the cafe is Korean. So I think it would be deleted even if I had only English characters. :sad: Most of the posts were deleted, but I'll send you a PM of the posts I was able to save.
  7. Thank you for that clear explanation, which is greatly appreciated. What you said makes a lot of sense, and I think I'll have to think more critically about those extremely positive reviews I do come across in the future.
  8. :ghi5:
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    Just to make things clearer, are we allowed to mention clinics/surgeons/translators as long as we're not promoting them (just as statements of fact) or is just mentioning them seen as promotion in itself?
  10. Right, I said that twice above :yes:
  11. Marir thank you for your post and try to help everybody ... I had a look at those pictures as well those girls all look really great!! If u don't mind can I continue using the password and ID doing researches ? By the way I read this article about a clinic that offers a breast enlargement free with the small face surgery ��������wow! Tempting ~~~
    Sorry my English is rusty. Hope you don't mind
  12. Yeah, I hope my surgeries turn out just as well as theirs! And I don't mind at all, so feel free to keep using it. ^^ Would you happen to know the clinic's name by the way? That offer is very tempting! lol I think a lot of clinics advertise discounts and events... I just can't read them, or they aren't for foreigners. :sad:

    Do you have an idea of where you might go?
  13. So if I can get anyone's opinion, it would help incredibly!

    I am planning to get eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty with medial epicanthoplasty) but haven't yet decided which clinic to go to. I'm planning to go in November, so would like to have a list of clinics ready beforehand.

    I've been emailing back and forth with Dr. Park from Oz clinic and Grand Medical center and they have both replied quite promptly. After reading all the reviews, I probably won't be going to BK, as I would prefer to have a more personalize consultation and feel that I won't be able to get that from BK. I've also heard of Banobagi, but am still on the fence about them, as I wasn't really amazed by their B&A pictures but keep hearing the name of the clinic in various threads. Does anyone else have any input?? It would be much appreciated!

    I was also wondering what exactly did that girl get done, the long post from regarding the Naver website (with the pictures). Her face shape has changed so dramatically! My face shape isn't as square as her before pic, but I would like to do some facial contouring to have a more feminine jawline. Anybody have any input that would help me out?
  14. hmm... i've been reading since the previous thread and i've heard about good reviews for dr.kwon at teium (from what i know seems to be specialized with eyelid surgeries)... but one post mention that it seems epi is being recommended for almost every patient... no idea if its good thing or bad but we wun know if it suits us unless we are down for a consult i suppose...

    you might want to keep teium as one of the potential clinic to consult for eyes...
  15. Hey Marir
    My "thank u" never got posted for getting a new pswd for the Naver website. Never got to use it, but really appreciate the effort anyways.

    I know i am being redundant now, but what type of surgery r u planning on getting. I thought i had my list of drs down, but w all this promoting/advertising of clinics/doctors idk now.

    Do u know if Zoe the translator mite be getting a $ cut too? I feel like im back to the beginning again. a bit frustrating.
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