Best Plastic Surgeons in SK

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  1. I'm fairly new to this forum and I'm unsure where to start. I realize lots of Korean girls have double eyelids and huge eyes and I really want that. There are SO MANY plastic surgery clinics and I don't know where to start. I am anxious and scared and I need help, thank you!

    If I provided examples would that help? I'm mostly looking for double eyelid/bigger eye surgeries. And I currently live in the USA and will hopefully save money to go to Korea for this. Thank you.
  2. Hi there! I'm moving your post into our Asian PS forum as that's where you will get lots of info on procedures in Korea.
  3. Hi~ there :smile:

    Just share with u about my experience... there r really many ps clinic in korea... at first, I also didn't know how to start to find, I tried to search with some key words of ps or some famous clinic from bloggers but it's really hard to make a conclusion >o< especially I got an bad experience for my eyes surgery so I decided to go with agency like DFK for my other surgeries (nose and fat grafting), you can refer to my other posts tho~ Or you just send the mail ( directly to them to ask the surgery u concerned,, I think it might be helpful to you :smile: hope you can get the ideal double eyelids soon (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
  4. Well first welcome to the forum! This thread has so much knowledge about Asian plastic surgery and surgeries in general. I'd really like to recommend K Couture's guide to plastic surgery if you haven't read it yet (I'll put links down below.) There will be many reviews and honestly although they informational, take them with a grain of salt because every situation is different. Ask other people from other threads and see what you like. In terms of seeing if a clinics staff is reputable, I would check out As for K Couture's guide, it's Be sure to research really thoroughly and ask if you're ever confused about something. It is your face after all! :smile:
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  5. Also I would actually caution the use of doc finder Korea and other medical tour agencies that kh0404 used. Although they may had a good outcome, I think that medical agencies are not really worth the cost. Sure they help with booking, consultation, transportation, etc; nowadays it's easier to do those things your self. Medical agencies also will usually have their own set of clinics they'll recommend to you since everytime you get a surgery done, they get some commission. So be wary of that. At the end I'd just save the extra cost and look around. Some clinics actually help with transportation and bookings so yeah! Best of luck! :smile:
  6. Hi ,
    I just like to share my DES experience in Korean which i did in July this year. Before our trip, me and my sister read up many forums, reviews n did our research on the ps clinics in korean. We shortlisted a few clinics such as Banobagi, Baum, The Line, GNG n MVP. We kakao MVP consultant and almost went ahead to place our deposit. However, my sister was not too comfortable with the consultant's reply on her enquires + she feels that she is kind of pushy. Then she chances upon this clinic, April 31, which has many good reviews on the Drs. They are known to create very natural looking ps looks which is what we want! We kakao the consultant, Brian who is very patient n details in explaining our quires. As we do not have many days in seoul, we take the risk to go ahead to book our consultation n surgery with April 31.
    We reached seoul on 1 July Saturday 7am n we went straight to the clinic as we want to be the first patient to see the Dr.
    Dr Won Suk Oh is the Eye Specialist in April 31. Brian told us he is the inventor for fat repositioning. However, he is a very humble Dr and doesnt like to be in the limelight so he does not have much publicity of his groundbreaking work. Dr Oh comes across to me as a very nice and friendly Dr which sets me at ease. The first thing he asked me is what do i not like about my eyes. I told him my eyes are small, droopy n asymmetrical. Plus my dark circle which adds on to my tired looking face. He took a close look at me and analysed my face for a while. Then he told me that my eyes are not small. He suggested for me to do incision DES, ptosis correction, both upper n lower eyelid fat repositioning. These will help me to "opened up" my eyes. I asked Dr Oh if i should do epicanthoplasty. He told me no which im thankfully he gave me the right advise. He also highlighted to me that after the op my left eye crease will be higher than my right eyes as it will take time for the crease to settle down n look natural.
    On the same day, I was scheduled for a 1pm surgery. I got changed and the nurse brought me to the operating theatre. Dr Oh came in, did some marking on my faces before the nurse put the IV sedation on me to put me to sleep. By the time im conscious, i can feel the bandage on my lower eyelid n due to quite a no of procedures done mainly my eyes, I have difficulty opening up my eyes. My eyes are very swollen n red in the first few days after the surgery. On the following Monday, i went back to the clinic to see Dr Oh as my eyes are still very red n swollen. This really worried me a lot. Dr Oh is very patient n examined both my eyes. He gave me an injection which helps me to deswell and reduce the redness. After the injection, my recovery was much faster. By the 7th days after the op, my redness n swell have reduced greatly. And i can see my double eyelid settling very nicely. Before i left Seoul, Dr Oh sees me the last time to ensure my eyes are recovering well.
    I'm into my 3rd month after the DES surgery n my left eyes crease has settled almost like my right eyes. With my eye make up, one cant tell the difference. I really love doing eye make up now ever since my DES surgery. My eyes look nicer in shape n much bigger. This really brighten up my whole face. I have received quite a number of compliments on my eyes n personally i really love it too. Im really thankful to Dr Oh's passion n delication to each of his patient.
    If you are looking at DES, i would highly recommend Dr Oh. You can find April 31 website
  7. Thank you ; o;

  8. Hello, thank you for sharing your experience at April31. May I ask how much did you pay? Also, would you mind showing me some b&a photos? Thank you.
  9. I paid 5mil won for the 3 procedure on my DES, ptosis correction n upper eyelid repositioning. For the b&a pics. I can send you to your whatsapp/kakao.
  10. Thank you for your review! I got interested in DES too and sound like Dr Oh is really good doctor!