Best Planner/Organizer?

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  1. I had no idea where to post this!

    I am looking for a new calendar/organizer/planner to carry in my purse. I have a blackberry, but I love to have my calendar in print.

    Right now I have a Kate Spade planner that I've had for 3 or 4 years, but I am not in love with it. I was thinking about the Kate Spade tri-fold calendar, but I'm not sure.

    Anyone have any other brands they like?
  2. I personally like Franklin Covey planners. I bought mine from Target.
  3. moleskine - very compact, simple, and beautiful.
  4. Truth. This year I'm using a Moleskine weekly planner & notes, and it's awesome. I love having the extra space each week for notes! Plus it's pretty compact.
  5. I get the yearly planners from Barnes and Noble for like $7. It gives me a lot of room to write things plus it's spiral so I can fold it back.
  6. I have used Moleskine, they are well-designed, hold up great, and the price is good too. Last year I had a Smythson of Bond St. agenda in a gorgeous emerald green leather. It was nice and worked well for me, although it didn't have as much space per day as I wanted- they may have other styles, though. It cost $65. The main thing I didn't like was that the one I got was not refillable. This year I bought an Hermes agenda, which is simple but so luxurious. It also has nice features like an address book, a year-at-a-glance calendar, and a clever book system- the year is divided into 4 "books" that go Jan-March, April-June, July- Sept, Oct-Dec. You switch the book out when you reach the end, it keeps the agenda light and slim in your purse. That one is more $$ though- 350 for the leather cover, 100 for the refills (some are only 80 for the refills if you choose 1 week/2 pages instead of 1 day/1 page which is what I chose).
  7. I am a complete organizer/office supplies junkie...and I think Moleskines are the best. They're gorgeous, sturdy, and I think their design is incomparable. I love having a week on the left and a blank lined page on the right. To me, they're just perfect. And I've tried a lot of planners!
  8. Of course, I love LV, but I have had and liked Filofax in the past. They have many sizes, styles and price ranges - even exotic skins (forget which one)
  9. i have several agenda's or planners.

    I own a LV agenda and while I obsessively used it a year ago. Midway through last year I ran out of the refills and got fed up that I always had to order them online so I just decided to try Moleskine and I have not turned around since.

    I love how compact, simple, and straight forward a moleskine notepad is. It's perfect. I highly recommend it.

    Plus just yesterday I went into Barnes and Noble and they were selling them for a discount. 2/$18! Great price if you ask me considering I paid about the same price for one.