Best Places to Live


    1. Fort Collins, Colo.Anyone live here :smile:

    Population: 128,000
    Typical single family home: $215,000
    Est. property taxes: $1,700
    Pros: Outdoors lovers' paradise; good schools; very little stress
    Con: Tech-dependent economy

    to see the rest , click the above link
  2. I saw that link. very interesting but not surprising at all really.
  3. i live about an hour away from fort collins, and let me tell you, there is nothing good about fort collins. i drove by there a couple of times and i think... its ugly. unlike the rest of colorado that is bautiful and mountainous, fort collins is kinda flat and boring.
    i think it is one of the best places to live because it is sorta upper middle class, with all the tech people, so i guess it is low crime rates, good education system for your kids, etc.
    but personally, i would not want to live in fort collins. denver is way better with the nightlife and shopping (not as good as nyc tho).
  4. I was shocked to see my hometown in the top 100. There was absolutely nothing to do!
  5. I refuse to believe that this list is remotely accurate. LIVERMORE, CA made the Top 30? They must be joking. I would expect to see Hillsborough on this list, but its not. A lot of cities I'd think would be the "best places to live" are missing!

    Do they take into account racial tolerance? Public schools? Employment opportunities?
  6. It seemed like an interesting link. :]
    I had fun skimming through it.
  7. I grew up a few hours away from Ft. Collins. I have to agree with me_love_purse the town sucks! I definitely wouldn't live there!
  8. I think some of it might have to do with affordability. If something is so expensive that most people can't afford to live there within their doesn't really make it a "best". That's just MY take on it! :smile:

  9. I wonder on what kind of facts these things are based on.... My country is voted the in the top 3 top countries to live in for years (or at least at the top of some UN-standard thing), and I can't say I'm impressed at all, I was so much more happier when I lived in russia for a short while. It would've been intresting if they made these surveys based on polls for the people to answer, rather than money, school and hospital coverage etc etc.
  10. Yay! My town is #21!!!
  11. i loveeee bali!!! it's a great place to live, work, and have fun!
  12. I must agree with lots of OZ cities..just lovely..lived in Perth for while. I must say it's accurate.
    Been all to those cities above..I love them all..
  13. Naperville, IL is number 2! That is so funny most of my family lives there. :P Never thought I would see it on this list...Hey my current home town is number 79 - not bad! lol