Best places to live in Portland?

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  1. That would include patio homes if they are called that:confused1:, townhouses, condos, and other properties that are in a gated community.
  2. Which Portland, Oregon or Maine??? Or in UK since you're from there and there's a Portland as well?
  3. Sorry, Portland Oregon. Thanks for ^^^ :smile:
  4. I'd choose a suburb of Portland - Oregon City, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, etc....and in Portland itself, the West Hills is considered the nicest area in Portland to have a home.
  5. Thanks C^
    Is Beaverton in WA? Approx how far is Lake Oswego from downtown Portland?

  6. Hmm if I wanted a nice house with space, I don't think I would look into central Portland. My choices would be further away like Oregon City (maybe 20mins drive out of Portland), Government Camp which is further away near Mt Hood, or Vancouver, Camas, or Washougal in WA. Lots of decent looking property in those areas.
  7. Second this suggestion!

    Very nice houses and lovely neighborhoods - I can see myself living there one day (Portland, not so much)
  8. If you are driving the speed limit 30 minutes....if you are not 20 minutes.
    Downtown or Pearl have luxury condominiums with patios and verandas.
    If you want to hear chickens Oregon City and Wilsonville are options.
    Beaverton is a great place to live....they really enforce every traffic law so please drive the speed limit there.

  9. Gated communities in the Portland area are really not that popular here. (But they exist.) And as far as where to live, there is someplace for every lifestyle and personality. So that would be something I'd like to hear more about from you. Portland is a big melting pot, and a wonderful place to live! Do you have a family? What other factors are driving your decision? How about sq footage? # of cars? Do you want to walk to everything you need and/or bike, take the trolley/MAX instead? Are you a soccer mom, or kind-of hippy/greenie? Describe your ideal community. Something for us to go on...