Best places to buy men's accessories?

  1. I'm not sure where to put this thread so please excuse me if this is the wrong area! :flowers:

    I am trying to find a designer wallet for my husband's birthday present and am having a hard time finding something cool, stylish, and well made. I've looked at the usual suspects' websites (Neiman, Saks, Bergdorf, elux, Nordstrom) and nothing has jumped out at me except for one Gucci wallet (pictured below as an example of what I am looking for). I was just wondering if any of you ladies or gentlemen have a good suggestion for a certain designer or retailer that makes stylish men's wallets. My husband has been carrying around a worn out Kenneth Cole forever and it's time for an upgrade!
  2. As well as Gucci, I like Paul Smith's Men's Accessories.

    I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for, but I like this one, particularly. I like the way it's plain (conservative, even!), on the outside, but interesting on the inside. I bought my BF a Blue Bristol one, a couple of years ago:


    Men's wallet

    £ 130

    Double billfold wallet with 'mini at Chatsworth' print on inside. Holds up to eight credit cards, compartment for notes. Size 11.5cm x 9.5cm. 100% leather. Made in Italy.


    If this isn't your/his cup of tea, there are also other ones available:

    Mens Accessories > Wallets - Paul Smith
  3. I like that! (I almost like it more for me!) Thanks for the suggestion. My husband actually has a Paul Smith suit, so that is very much his style.
  4. No problem! :biggrin:
  5. First thing that came to my mind was PAUL SMITH! I love that wallet of his!! I would get it for myself, but I'm thinking of the keychain one. He has loads of wallets I'd think you love, unless maybe the Naked Lady line lol.
  6. ^^ and if you like some of his accessories, i think because you're such a good wife you should reward yourself too..
  7. Hester van Eeghen triptych wallet MOMA.jpg Hester van Eeghen Moma.jpg
  8. Have you checked out the Coach wallets? I know it sounds kind of boring but very practical. My husband has used the same one for about 4 years and he refuses to use anything else.
  9. My DH uses a Kenneth Cole one too, but for his next one, we may splurge on a simple Hermes one or the Mont Blanc ones, which are nice and clean in design. He's not much for logos.
  10. Thanks so much everyone! These are all great suggestions and give me just what I want - to be able to choose and not just buy the one decent thing out there!
    I saw that Naked Lady line by Paul Smith and thought that might be perfect! They are very tastefully done - more like old pin-ups than anything else. Now if only I could find one with a blonde lady... (like me!) hehe.
  11. I think there was one a few years back? dont quote me on this, my mission today is actually to decide on a wallet and maybe a bag for myself today and order, so I'll keep my eyes open for you. The Naked Lady line is also very durable. As a joke a friend got me the money clip and ironically I lost it to him one night in poker.:rolleyes:
  12. My hubby loves his Tumi wallet.