Best places for dog clothes...

  1. So I totally love Tuesday Morning. They have so much selection for cheap! Where are some other good places/sites on the internet that you shop at? eBay has good deals on the shoes sometimes
  2. They have some cute stuff at Target!! I got a cute pink sweater with hearts from Boots & Barkley for like $10.00. My little puppy looks adorable!!
  3. ^^ ITA, I get a lot of my dog goodies at Target. For clothes/items I can't find at Target, I hit up some local dog boutiques!
  4. My dog needs size XXL so I pretty much have to stick to eBay if I don't want to pay outrageous prices. I just bought her a new sweater today from eBay, only $10.99!
  5. You guys ready for this: BEST PLACE FOR DOGS EVER!!!

    It rocks! I have been buying my yorkie's stuff there for a few years and it is always way better than anything you can buy in the stores. The fit is to die for, but the price isn't bad! Everything is custom made to fit your dog! I don't know about your pups, but mine runs long for his size and so store bought stuff just never fits right.

    The rain coats from this site are my favorite must haves! They are water proof and yet soft (not stiff like a lot of dog coats on the market)- they are comparable to a good human rain coat! And Rita puts the pups name on it for free!

    FYI: I'm not in any way affiliated with that site, just a really really satisfied customer!

    Pic of Martini in his coat:
  6. the dinky dawg site looks nice...the pants are so cute...they are very affordable too...given they are custom made...
  7. I have a basset hound so I find it incredibly hard to fit his small legs yet large chest. So far he only has a Burberry sweater which has held up for years very well!

    Bandanas are also so cute and fun to make easily.


    i know this seller from ebay, id was something called pets_fan_club. he told me he was going to close the store soon (about 3months ago). i havent contacted him since then. but i love his products. very high quality clothes, jacket... even the price on the website is 20.00 up, but i used to get from him 10.00 each +4.5 priority shipping added to the total (i bought 4/time). but try to see if he will give more discount since closing store.
    if you want his email, PM me
  9. Just wanted to bump this, I just purchased from clothing from and they have a lot of cute stuff. They have them in bigger sizes too like 20/22 inches, XXL which is hard to come by. I'll let you guys know once I get the clothing what it's really like. :tup:
  10. juicy has cutte stuff, saw some at gucci once too i think but they are pricey... safe bet is petco
  11. Pet smart has some cute clothes.
  12. is good, just ordered a few things for my babygirl

    ive also been eyeballing etsy for puppy clothes :smile:
  13. this stuff is TOO cute. My sister's boston terrier has this hoodie: [​IMG]
    Prices are a little high, but the quality is great.
  14. petfashionista has good clothes.