best place to window shop?

  1. So I'm very, very, VERY new to LV. I'm torn between what I think I want as my first bag!

    This might come as a silly question to some of you - but as I'm reading the threads, I realize that I have no idea what some of the bags are, and then when I check eluxury they aren't there.

    Is the best place to see what's in stock and what's new the LV website? Or are there different things in the boutique?

    Obviously I'm going to go try things on before making the purchase, but I'm afraid if I go in one w/o an idea of what I'm looking for I might be in way over my head.

    The boutique I'll be going to will be the on at Polaris in Columbus, OH.
  2. Go to and choose your country and check out their selection, its much better than eluxury's
  3. Hi, there are alot of seasonal and Limited Editions, some cannot be bought on E-luxury or

    I would suggest going into your Louis Vuitton store and having a look, this is especially good for your first purchase. There may be Limited Editions and Seasonal bags and accessories there but you will most likely find all normal bags and accessories, if not then the SA will advise you on what to do. If you like an LE bags thats coming out soon then I would get on the waitlist. The SA's will also give you alot of advice and info on bags. :flowers:
  4. what do you think you want? shows pretty much everything apart from new releases they take a little while to pop up and if you have questions you can ask here

    naroow it down first, what lines do you like the look of the most?
  5. You can also go through the Referrence pics here and the clubhouse ... there's a lot to learn there too.