best place to view Chanel

  1. hi all,
    just trying to understand Chanel, I know nothing, zero.

    On the Internet, where would I view Chanel handbags ?
    LV has an LV site plus eluxury
    Coach has a Coach site
    etc., etc.

    is it the Chanel site or something else ?
    (I have not braved myself enough to walk into store)

    Please advise, thanks ! :flowers:
  2. But the bags are not all laid out like they are on other sites. Plus, there's no prices. I would check out the Chanel sub-forums here. There's a lot to look at & a lot of people who know the names/prices of bags if you're interested.
  3. The first time is the can be intimidating at first....but you should go in! The people who work there and shop there are no different than you and I! People go in dressed from sweatpants to wear whatever you feel comfortable with! Jeans are always a great choice!

    Go in take a look around....if something interests you...ask to see it and try it on. If there is a certain style you are looking for, the sales associate might have one that is not on display. Unless you are making a totally impulsive purchase (I love it! I can't leave the store without out it! LOL That has happened to me before! I usually try to sleep on most purchases, though.), just thank the sales associate for his/her time. You can say that you would like to think about it or something similar. If the sales associate was nice, you can ask for his/her card or very often they will offer it to you. If you really love a bag, have the SA write down the style number of the bag so that if you want that one you will know what it is later. So many of the Chanel bags have similar names such as "classic bag with flap", "small tote", or "camera case" that the name on the tag is not always that helpful.

    Most of us visit with a bag several times before deciding. Either in the store or on the board (hehe). There are so many beautiful bags out there and they are very expensive, so we usually want to be sure that it is the one we truly love the most. Have fun! Let us know how it goes!