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  1. I'm a total newbie here so of course I don't have much feedback or a reputation here. I just got the new tokidoki bag that I ordered. I was terribly excited about the bag but didn't realize how huge it looks on me (no stores around here sell them) even though it would fit a lot for me. I guess I was thinking about possibly trading it for something else. Where would the best place be to trade my Tokidoki bag? I don't really want to sell it on eBay because I would like some other Tokidoki bag if possible.
  2. the shoptokidoki community on LJ.
  3. :tup: That is a great community for trading/buying/selling~~ I do a lot of my shopping there :biggrin:
  4. Ahh I see, I've tried joining previously of course I blindly joined and screwed up...I tried doing it again just now the "proper" way I hope I can get in if not I'll have to do the other way. How do you know if you are rejected? Do you get accepted right away??
  5. the mods aren't usually on from my experience so it may take a day or so even if you do it proper? I think there are other threads floating around where people have shared their application experience and how they knew they were rejected/accepted or not
  6. They are supposed to send you an email letting you know you have been accepted--but I never got an email and was accepted anyway. The way you know is if you are logged into LiveJournal, and are able to see all of the "Friends Only" posts on Shoptokidoki. I think they will be listed under your LJ "Friends" control panel as well.

    The acceptance process usually takes a couple of days.
  7. My acceptance process took a couple of weeks. I know a few other girls on here had the same experience when they joined too.
  8. I *think* you can post on the LJ Tokiholics community without having to go through an official screening process--but if I'm wrong someone please correct me.
  9. I had a hard time joining lolz...but it's all good now. I hope you figure it all out and stuff and get to shoppin/buyin/trading there ^__^
  10. Tokiholics is open to all posts yupp :biggrin: It was created since a few people didn't agree with the new mods at tokidoki_it and some :bagslap: went down... but either place is fine IMHO. I'm one of the mods of tokiholics so if you have any questions and/or concerns or just need a few pointers on posting I'm willing to help out :okay:
  11. Thank you for the visual! hehehe
  12. haha... you're welcome :smile: I just wanted to use that smiley... :true: some of them don't get used often don't you agree!:sneaky: I have yet to figure out when I should use this :noworry:
  13. Guys this thread is actually not allowed by us.

    I need to close this.

    I will be posting a thread to let you all know what is and is not allowed on this forum :yes:
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