best place to trade a vacanze for a paradiso?

  1. one of my gf's got my wifey a vacanze avventura but I had already gotten her the campeggio and buon viaggio on the same print :sad:

    Any suggestions on where to trade one of this bags for a paradiso? Preferably either the avventura or the buon viaggio?

    thanks in adv!
  2. well, the Paradiso comes in just Buon Viaggio because Avventura is a newer style. Paradiso BVs are also kind of hard to come by so it would be really hard to find a trade, but if you were looking to buy one, there's always eBay. They usually have stuff up, and there's also an upcoming release in hawaii. Good luck!
  3. Oops, I meant I wanted to trade away either the Vancanze Avventura or the Campeggio for a Paradiso Cucciolo. This way she can have a Toki Cucciolo bag all year round.

    Do they make the Paradiso in a Cucciolo?
  4. yep :biggrin: And they're super cute, but again, they're a bit hard to come by unless you go to Hawaii during the re-release or have someone get it there fore you. Unfortunately, the Hawaii markup is totally crazy!!! I'm not sure exactly how much but it's waaaay more than here in the mainland U.S. =_=
  5. Your chances of a Vacanze for a paradiso, at least for equal trades would be highly unlikely. The paradiso is a bit rare T_T and expensive, while the vacanze is still recent. You can always try to sell the Avventura and use the money for the Cucciolo! And they do make it in paradiso.
  6. usually the price of a bag for a cucciolo bag is 198.00 reg. price in the mainland, but here in hawaii I think your looking at 228.00 plus tax...I hear it's 30.00 more to buy a toki at the lesportsac store here in hawaii...but any who good luck on trading for a paradiso...I think it will be super hard to tokipoki said it's better to sell the bag you have now, and just use that money to buy a paradiso on eBay...but yeah when the re-release comes out in hawaii your looking at a 30.00 more to the mainland price...