Best place to shop in Alabama for London/ NYC style fashion?


Jul 2, 2006
I Love London!
Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Alabama that has up to the minute fashion like in London or NYC?

Everyone seems to wear sweats and jeans, I know I got to fit in once I move there but I refuse to look shabby, its not I am.


Aug 28, 2007
I go there for work once in a while. The selection is pretty limited. However, I did find a department store called "Perisian" that carryLondon brand called "Jigsaw". I bought this gorgeous linen dress from them during one of my trips. Happy shopping!


Sep 10, 2007
hi, i was there for awhile when my so went for wrk and sorry to say, i did not find any good place to shop there and i was there for 3 mths!
i tried to do a search on places like NM and Saks and they dun have it there either.
so we normally did online shopping or drive to Atlanta for shopping and it was about 3 hrs but its well worth it for all the shopping that you can get there.
hope it helps!

ps, destin, florida is about 2 hrs drive or lesser and there are outlet stores there as well and there is destin mall where you may be able to do sme shopping too.

hope tis helps :smile:


Apr 15, 2007
Chanelbaby-last year, I moved from a large city w/ a Saks, Nordstrom, LV store, Tiffany name it and now I live in a town with nothing more high end than a Dillards...if you want to even call it that. Online shopping is my rescue. I always get stuff that no one has ever seen before (thinking black halo dresses , Marc Jacobs handbags, etc) and I never have to worry about someone having the same item as me. I would prefer the "experience" of live shopping but when that box arrives at your door, that is fun too!
Happy shopping!


Jul 1, 2006
Alabama does have a Saks, in Birmingham... they carry a pretty large selection of handbags, and have a Dior and LV boutique inside.

I think your best bet for independent fashion would be the little boutiques. I am really familiar with Birmingham and the Orange Beach/Seaside area, if you need more suggestions. Just PM me :tup:


RW Obsessed
Mar 20, 2006
You have the Summit. It is in the Mountain Brook area of Birmingham. They have some high end small boutiques as well as Saks. It actually is pretty nice there! I live in Northern Alabama, and travel to Birmingham alot to go shopping there.

Also, on a weekend you can easily hop in the car and drive over to Atlanta. They have Lenox and Phipps malls over there. I have done that on a Saturday if I really needed more of a selection! They have NM, LV, Chanel, etc in those malls!

Just PM me if you would like some more info!! I have lived in this HOLE for about 6 years, so I have learned where I have to go for the latest styles.


Jul 1, 2006
^^ No, sadly there's not an H&M in Alabama. There are more places to shop here though than I think most people realize :yes: Birmingham is a pretty good sized city.