Best place to shop for Chanel in US???

  1. ... NY...or..??? When is the sales generally??? January/Early May or late June?? Want to plan for a holiday in US...:p & shopping

    Which shop(s) has the full-range (maybe more selection)????

    Any recommendation??
  2. I believe the sales occur april/may and december? (at least that's what one SA told me). I think that South Coast Plaza and Beverly Hills have some of the biggest Chanel botiques, not to mention Neimans, Saks that also carry chanel line. But, you definitely can't go wrong with NY either.
  3. june and december are chanels sales. unless your close with an SA, majority of bags are presold to customers which dosent leave much to the general public.
  4. do the classic flap bags ever go on sale?
  5. Sweet-Peas
    Classic never goes on sale as far as I know.
  6. Boca Raton, Florida Saks has a huge Chanel inventory......ask for Martha or Debby Friedman (561) 393-9100
    they have trunk show bags right now......for sale
  7. Thks for all yr help girls...
  8. what is a trunk show?
  9. ^^ a show where the new stuff is diplayed to the public.
    kinda like a fashion show, all the new designs, accessories, shoes, bags are showcased for people to preorder before hand.