Best Place to sell?

  1. I notice that most of you don't trust eBay..
    and let trade doesn't really sell other people's bags.
    I have to part with some of my bags due to money issues within the family. :crybaby:

    Where's the best place to sell?
    Would it be best if I made my own site?
    (because I have.. LOTS of stuff I have to sell)

    (I wont say what Im selling, or where due to the rules of the site, but I have been wondering)
  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear that you will need to sell some of your beloved LVs. I don't know of places to sell, but I'm just offering some e-support. I hope everything goes well in the end for you. I'm sure other tPFers with more experience in this area will pipe in soon. Good luck!
  3. If I didn't have to sell them, I'd keep them for lifeeee.
  4. how about consignment, like
  5. I've sold bags through Ann's Fabulous Finds ( and was entirely satisfied with the experience. She photographed and described the bags beautifully, they sold quickly, and I received payment promptly. I'd go through Ann again in a heartbeat if I were selling bags or other designer items.
  6. ^ did you get more than you think you would have on eBay?
  7. Possibly. Though she does take a commission. But with my crazy schedule I decided I didn't want to mess with trying to photograph the bags myself or shipping or dealing with flaky e-bay buyers.
  8. Do you think it would be worth it if I made my own website to sell my things?
  9. It would probably be a lot of work -- and where will you get your buyers?

    I'd say try the eBay route and see how things go. If you go to the eBay thread there's lots of advice regarding buying and selling. Good luck!
  10. If you wanted it to sell fast, then sell it on ebay. But if you wanted it to have a good price, then put it in another site.
  12. Has anyone ever used an ebay broker ("trading assistant")? You wouldn't have to pack and ship your bags to Ann's FabFinds, or do the work to list the bags yourself on ebay. I've been thinking of doing this.
  13. hi, where are you living? if you living beside me, I can help you to sell it~i am living Los Angeles, California, I know some 2nd hand brand store to help selling brands.
  14. I also live in LA where are these 2nd hand stores? Would love to go check them out. I also have a few things I would like to sell.

  15. BUT secondhand stores usually offer prices much, much lower than your expectation price... Which is really dissapointing sometimes...

    A Rose Gold Reissue that I brought to a second hand shop here in Hong Kong this afternoon and to think that it's BNEW... But they're getting it for only 14k HKD! Dissapointing because they're selling price for that bag is way over the top! Double the price!!!