Best place to sell one of my bals?

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  1. You can sell your bag through:

    a) local or online consignment stores (see Auth Bal Retailers list)
    b) online auctions such as eBay or Craig's list.

    There is NO buying or selling on tPF.
    This thread is now closed.

    Thank you!
  2. google checkout takes out fees only .2% less..and a lot fo people dont like doing can try an Ebay store...
  3. Can you go thru consignment on eBay, I know you said you aren't interested, but I would really go that route if you really want to unload the bag.
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  5. try or if you're afraid of ebay :smile: both are fair consignees!

    btw just as a reminder, we're not allowed to buy/sell on the forum outside of the market place. :smile:
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  9. eBay is horrible in some sense. I sold my 2006 Grenat..14 people was watching it but got only 2 bids. The person I sold to is very new..0 feedback. I have the address and phone number but they are all non working :sad: Oh, well, maybe it is telling me to keep it. I will be filing a NPB on the 8th and then file a final fee value credit. At least I get to keep the bag.
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  11. See thats what I didn't want to run into. I prob. will just try to consign it and if it doesn't sell oh well it just wasn't meant to be ;)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.