best place to sell lv trunk

  1. Hi, could anyone tell me the best place to try and sell my Lv trunk? Im not sure where to go at all.
    :love: many thanks Kathleen
  2. There is a Marketplace thread here at Purse Blog.
  3. I have a feeling you will sell it too...seems like alot of people here are really interested in the trunks
  4. She can't sell it here until she's reached a specific # of posts/length of membership I think{?}
    Try and let us know if/where you list it.
  5. that is true. gotta have 100 posts and been here for at least a month.
  6. Can you take pics of it and email them?
  7. Hi, Thanks all for your replies.
    I have some pics i put up on seller watch. Its dark here in Scotland now and i think pics look better in natural light. I will take more tomorrow and probably put it up on ebay in the next few days. I found an identical one on ebay which looks in a lot tattier condition and that sold a few days ago. Many thanks
  8. Please post an ebay link if you put it on ebay. I'd love to see it.
  9. I'd love to see it! I'm a trunk collector. V
  10. Hi. I have just put it up on ebay, so its there for all to see. Kath x
  11. have a link you want to share?
  12. Link please.:P
  13. There you go, wasnt sure if i could do this?? didnt want to get into trouble x kath
  14. Awwwwww....beautiful, beautiful trunk. Good luck, wish I had somewhere for it.
  15. bump!!!!