Best place to sell designer shoes?


Jun 11, 2007
Sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm not having much luck selling brand new loubs, jimmy choos, etc on places like ebay, tradesy/poshmark and I despise the realreal...I sent them MULTIPLE (like at least 6 pairs) brand new jimmy choos and miu mius and $1500 Lanvins and I kid you not they sold the lanvins for $95 and everything else was also under $100!!!!!

If you are having luck with any specific resellers or even instagram consignors please let me know!!! Trying to sell/downsize so I can save up to buy jewelry or chanel :smile:

Thank you!


Jun 15, 2007
I found my CLs and other shoes sell very quickly on eBay/ Vestiaire Collective. However, I find that it almost impossible to recoup retail price on unworn shoes. In a way, I find that knowing that i am more considered in making my purchases (and also ruthless at returning shopping mistakes - even if a particular brand only offers store credit at least I know I can get something I will wear and enjoy).
Do you have any brick and mortar consignment store near you? They may be easier to deal with / agree price than TRR. The ones in London are open for drop offs and some even offer pick up depending on volume?
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Mar 18, 2020
I also recommend Vestiare Collective. From a buyer point of view, I love their platform, and would trust to buy a more expensive second hand product from them than from Ebay for example. You will hardly get the full price for a barely used pair of heels though...