Best place to sell Bbags

  1. Aloha All... I have a crazy question for you. Where is the best place to sell Bbags? I'm not really pressured for time, but want to make sure that I don't take too big of a hit on the cost. Thanks ahead of time for you input.
  2. eBay is the top choice unfortunately but maybe you want to try or They'll consign your b-bag and put it on their site. There are more details and requirements on their site on how to go about this. They are both run by fellow tPF members.

    Good luck!
  3. Murasaki,
    Thank you for your input. I really appreicated your information about the other two consignment sites. They look like they may be a great avenue for future sales.
  4. i've also read on tPF that people have bought bbags from craigslist. i myself have been browsing craigslist as of late and have seen some great authentic bags.
  5. I edited your post.

    We're UBER strict about how much info you can give about what you're trying to sell so that it doesn't elicit offers from members as that's strictly prohibited.

    No need to describe your bag:nogood:
  6. Thanks for the edit. Sorry about the 'too much information.' Fallax Cor.. Thank you too for the Craig's list idea.