best place to retire...

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  1. I realize not many of you here are ready to retire yet. When the time comes though, where do you think you'll end up spending the rest of your life and why.
  2. This is tough, it depends on where my children will be.
    If we could choose anywhere, it'd be 2 spots.
    Winters in Scottsdale and Summers in the Pacific Northwest.

    Or Maui! :biggrin:
  3. Maui is enticing...

    My husband is retiring soon and wants to move close to the ocean. We're thinking FL or the NC coast. I do prefer to live in FL maybe in Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton. Oh well, a year more to go.....
  4. The Florida Keys :love: It will be me and the bf in a house on the channel with a dock, boat, dog, and a couple of cats :nuts: The house will face the Gulfside, of course, so we can watch the sunset every evening :love:
  5. I live near Scottsdale and shop there mostly. Great place but I think I take it for granted!!

    My spot was most definitely have to be La Jolla, Laguna Beach and then definitely have a second home/condo in a ski town, Aspen or Park City, UT ( We have to get our snowboarding fix)!!!
  6. Right where I am now ..... New York. My husband had a job in San Diego for two years and I tried to live out there. I never knew I could miss NY so much! I didn't last there long. I kept flying back and forth. I LOVE to visit other places. We travel quite a bit, but there truly is no place like home .... NYC!!!! I'll never leave.
  7. Not sure where I really want to end up since I've only lived in Hawaii and CA, but I think either place would be cool to retire in. I want to spend a lot of that time traveling anyway :biggrin:
  8. hmmm, i'm still young i'll get back to you guys in a couple of years with an answer! :smile:
  9. Florida keys or Malibu.
  10. It's Mexico for me!
  11. Paris all the way :smile:
  12. Probably Boulder, CO area. Close to skiing but not snowed in all winter.

    Or Cambria, CA. Beautiful little town by the ocean.
  13. on the water, somewhere...
  14. Hawaii - never been there so I don't know which island I'd love most!
  15. I would say St. Croix. :love: :love: :love: :love: