Best place to resell / consign St. John Knit?


Jul 18, 2007
My mother passed away this past October and we have an entire closet full of St. John knit that she wore only on occasion. Where is the best place to consign St. John? I'd obviously like to get as much $ as possible.

(Please note that this may sound insincere, but we have donated almost all other clothing and I cannot appreciate the pieces in my own wardrobe as I am a gay man).
Oct 30, 2012
Fashion Land
Yes, I've consigned some St. John jackets before. You have to go on a fill out a quote request from their website and they answer you with the price they will sell it for. Then you can send them if you agree to the prices they send back to you. They only consign them they don't buy them upfront though. And if the items you have total over $500 all together you can request a free shipping label.
Jan 28, 2010
Thanks! Do you have any experience in this? I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the options on these sites.
I have purchased from them in the past sure you could find more info about them here.

May we ask what city do you live in? There may be some local consignment places that will take your items and give you a quote on the spot. may be a good resource