Best place to order accessories?

  1. I'm sort of new to BV (die hard Balenciaga girl) and I really want the medium clutch. I was surprised that I didn't see it on the BV site and my local boutique didn't have it. I'm sure I could order it through them but is there a good source online? Saks seems to be a good source for accessories but they don't have it. TIA~
  2. Hi, Murphy66,

    Welcome! Bluefly has a decent selection of BV, but I don't think they have the clutch you're looking for. If you go back to the BV web site, it'll have a link to Ana the personal shopper, who is great and really helpful. She'll scout the inventory all over the globe to source out exactly what you want.
  3. Ana is great at tracking down an item. I am sure she can find the clutch.
    Good luck!
  4. Also the Bal Harbour Shop BV Boutique is getting another shipment of clutches in both sizes very soon.
    (305) 864-6247
  5. Thanks!! I found what I wanted (large clutch) on Bluefly this morning. Lots of new stuff!!
  6. Congrats. I've been very happy with them. Just ordered a zip around wallet in limo to match my zip around card case. 35% off