best place to get makeup done?

  1. i want a new look, something that's fairly natural and it has to be really quick and easy since i prefer to sleep than spend time on makeup. where's the best place to go to get a 'makeover'? sephora, mac, etc?
  2. i'm a huge makeup whore, but for my friends who love simple and easy makeup with no crazy colors, they tend to love bobbi brown although i think almost any make up counter can do a natural easy look as long as you specify

    however i would avoid mac because many of their looks do tend to be over the top and entail a lot of layering/crazy colors :yes:
  3. oh oh, i've been thinking about the same thing too. good question!

    How do you go about doing that you just walk up and ask if they can do a 'makeover'?
  4. Check out M.A.C. Cosmetics or Bobbi Brown. These are only my suggestions and results of these products may vary from person to person. I think they are great. Just walk over and ask they artist there if you can have some assistance with some make-up that you need a make over or something to that effect.
  5. Go to a Sephora. They have lots of brands and will know the best products from each brand.
  6. bobbi brown. mac goes a little overboard imo.
  7. I love M.A.C & Sephora..... make sure that you tell them you are looking for a quick and easy natural look.

    I know for a fact that these makeup artist can get a little excited if you dont really know what you want.

  8. LOL..I know what you mean by "little excited"..I saw a girl came to the store with hardly no make up and get out from the store look almost like a clown..
  9. i dont find there is one place that is 'good.' (though i would not go to sephora at all just for sanitary reasons). rather it is important to find an artist whose makeup style you do like. and be sure to mention to the artist what type of look you want, what type of colors you like, etc. communication is key to getting a good result. hold a mirror so you can watch what is going on! if you don't like something, speak up so they can change it before they finish. that way the whole look does not have to be redone.
  10. I love Bobbi Brown because it's just a very everyday type makeup. I find mac to be more "night on the town". I would start with Bobbi. I also recommend her book. It gives you her perspective on the world of makeup and how simple it should be.
  11. Bobbi Brown for very natural looks
    Something a little more luxe - can't beat Chanel.
  12. Bobbi Brown is a little yellow on me - mac works well, but I tell them I like a natural look. Then its not too heavy.
  13. MAC...just make sure you dont leave the counter looking like a drag queen :drinks:

    I had a BFF who was in charge of an upscale Chanel counter and he loved to try new things out on me!! It was always high maintenance, but sooo smokin. Guys would drop their bags staring as I left his counter!

    However, I had a hard time recreating this at home without looking like a brat pack glossy 80's movie. Huh, go figure. So now I do BOBBI BROWN for day and Chanel for nights (ok, so I can pull a little of it off alone - as long as I stay A_W_A_Y from the glitter products) and creams.

    So get Bobbi!! And get THEM to do it for you! Then go outside, see if you like how it looks, then go inside and follow their suggestions.

    Hint: save up first ;)