Best place to get discounted Rock & Republic jeans?

  1. Hi, does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. Nordstrom Rack has been getting a TON in lately. I just got a really cute pair with studs on the R's and they were $110! Originally those go for over $250. I was just there last week and they had a rounder full of them.
  3. Try TJmaxx or Marshalls. I have seen them there before. I have also gotten some at Off Saks 5th and Nordstrom Rack.
  4. loehmanns
  5. has some newer styles with a 20% off code (sale)
  6. I've found all of my R&R at TJ Maxx for $60 and less
  7. I'm going to check out my TJ's. Thanks guys!
  8. I need to find a tj store near me!!
  9. I got mine for $35 at Marshalls. It was a markdown sale.
  10. I've seen them at TJ Maxx as well as Filene's Basement..all for around $100. Is it just me, or do the RR's that TJs and Filene's have look different from those in the big department stores?
  11. Nordstrom Rack, Loehmanns, and Off Saks 5th Ave all have them in stock. The other places having them in stock I've heard are a hit or miss.
  12. I think they are irregular is why.
  13. I think the jeans at Off5th Saks look different in the ones from the dept stores too.
  14. If you have a Saks Off 5th outlet, near you sign up for their coupons and you'll get emailed printable coupons for buy one item get one 50% off or 30% off one item. They always have good deals on R&R, especially with the coupons :tup: