Best place to get an out of stock color, IYO? Help!

  1. Hi, everyone,

    How in the world should I go about finding an authentic ink when it is out of stock now and not ANYWHERE? I have been posting in the authenticating forum here, but ebay is suck a crap shoot that I really worry about getting duped or paying too much. I even have been emailing aloharag about it, but they said it was a VERY popular color and the inks sold out SO quick. What, in your brilliant opinion, is the best website or way to find slightly used or new out of date colors(as I seem to gravitate to many of past season's colors)? I need your help desperately because I fear I am going about this the wrong way with ebay... Any advice would be hugely appreciated!!!!

  2. What style do you want?
  3. I've said this in a few threads, but Barneys in Beverly Hills (310.276.4400) has a bunch of Inks. This was as of last week, although when I was there last week, nothing had changed from the week before.
  4. Ebay is the best bet. But you can call Barney's like ashley said and check their inventory.
  5. I also saw at least one ink first at Richard Kidd in Vancouver, CA.
  6. I've said it too, but Mix Modern has the first in ink. They're not very knowledgeable about colors so I put in a call to them to make sure it's ink!
  7. We will all be happy to help you find an authentic ink bag on ebay. Any bag you find on ebay that you are interested in, post about it in the Authenticate This thread and we will all help you.
  8. You guys are sooo helpful, I am so glad I joined this forum. Many thanks! PS-I am hoping for a city, first, twiggy, or box. I am flexible because I can really use this color in ANY size!:nuts:

    Thanks so much for the Barneys advice, I will call them, too!
  9. agree with ashley above.
    i saw the ink box at Barneys beverly hills in the glass case.
  10. Barneys Boston has an ink box as of an hour ago. Ask for Paula.
  11. barney's in nyc has ink bags left reovi, please give lilly a call!!! :yes:

    (ask for the balenciaga counter)

    p.s. when i was there last night, i just missed keanu reeves :graucho:
  12. You guys are the best!! TY, TY, TY!:flowers:

    PS aaallabama-ah to touch the same counter would be divine!!!
  13. hey aaa. dou live near bal ny? i my be ther in person in a few weeks...........
  14. yeppers, i sure do & would be happy to accompany you there just have to promise me you won't let me buy any bags!!!