Best Place to Find New CLs???

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Jul 27, 2010
San Francisco
Hello ladies (and maybe some gents)!! :smile:

Other than Neimans, Saks, Barneys, where else can I search for the latest CLs? I'm getting married in Sep 2011 and looking for black Loubies. I particularly like the sling back style OR the "slip on" style. It has to be platform because I know how high Loubies are and need that extra support for comfort. Since black can be really plain, I want something with a bow or flower (that extra uumph) on the shoes...Any ideas or suggestions? Should I wait until Spring? Where can I get info on the latest thats coming out?

P.S. When I go on the main CL site, it seems like they don't show all of their shoes. Cause I see some amazing ones on here that I've never seen on CL site. THANKS!!
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