Best place to buy?

  1. I am saving up for my next purse splurge and am considering a Balenciaga First....where do you all buy them new?
  2. balenciaga nyc & my salesgirl over there is named daphne :smile:

    542 west 22nd street
    nyc 10011
  3. So I could call and tell her what I am looking for and they ship???
  4. absolutely, positively, call her & consider it a done deal :yes:
  5. You dont even pay sales tax if you are outside New York!
  6. wow, maybe that would be a good enough reason to move :roflmfao:
  7. OMG! Thanks! I'm saving all this info right now!
  8. You may also want to consider a department store like Barneys so that if you decide you don't want it, you aren't stuck with a Balenciaga store credit.
  9. that's true, but the funny thing is, although i feel slightly guilty over my recent purchases :shame:...the feeling isn't overwhelming enough to make me wanna take them back (i'm not sure whether that's good or bad):P ...and the nyc store does let you exchange them within 10 days :yes:
  10. I buy mine from Joseph or Louie at Balenciaga in New York City or from Mann at NM in White Plains, NY.
  11. Kim is also good at Balenciaga NY
  12. Barneys also carries Balenciaga, as do their other stores. I have talked to a very friendly SA named Jackie at the store in Manhasset 516-627-5200. She was great when I was interested in finding a white city :smile:
  13. Saks Fifth Avenue, they do 30 day REFUNDS which gives me peace of mind. Not that I have returned either of my luscious handbags : )

    I wish you well,

  14. Saks?! I did not know that.

    Hmmm...which Saks is this or is it a new thing that all Saks will carry them? Thanks in advance.
  15. I was told by my SA at Neimans that only Neimans, Bergdorf & Barney's were allowed to carry them now.