Best place to buy solid sterling lockets?

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  1. I'm buying a gift for one of my best friends, and I'm not happy with the quality of Kay and Zales' lockets, but I also can't afford to spend a whole lot.

    Sterling shouldn't be that high, because some places overcharge, so what are some good places I can look?

    I'll order online I just want to know it's good quality!

    I considered but some of their prices are *too* low, so I'm concerned about the quality.

    I'm specifically looking for ones a little smaller than 1 inch, that have a little bit of etching but don't look antique. I'm looking for something like this:
  2. Oh, definitely try Etsy. I'd be surprised if you didn't find something that fit the bill perfectly on there.

    If you filter by item location (put custom location:Europe for low postage and zero customs) and then a maximum price, you'll be spoilt for choice! You might also be able to customise or personalise an item to make it perfect and unique :smile:
  3. Etsy...
  4. so we're looking at good quality with Etsy? I've purchased jewelry from there before and it has been pretty fragile. And some are only like 12-18 dollars and that makes me wonder.. I'll definitely give it some filters and check it out again though!
  5. Where are you located? When you buy handmade stuff you definitely get what you pay for, so regarding precious metals and gems there are certain price brackets.

    £9 silver necklaces won't be the same as £25, which won't be the same as £65. I generally find the pricing to be honest and informative to the item's durability and quality.

    If you want to be sure of something nice and substantial just ask the weight :smile:
  6. why not buy the one on Overstock?
  7. Have you looked at James Avery? He has a ton of sterling charms, chains, and pieces. I think I saw a locket in his latest catalog as well. Prices are quite reasonable too. Good luck! :smile: I'm sure your friend will be very touched by your sweet gift!