Best place to buy second hand Gucci Marmont?

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  1. I really, really want to get a Gucci Marmont matelassé bag, but I'm just struggling to justify the £1500 price tag. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to buy one second hand where I'm not so likely to get sold a fake?

    I've seen a lot recently on eBay and they look really legit, but I'm not convinced. As one sells, there seems to be another that pops up, all these sellers have zero feedback and the way they list the item, the descriptions all look very similar in layout. So I'm convinced these are a scam of some sort, although from what I can tell, the bags look genuine. One even had an A4 paper receipt, but I guess these could be faked too. I also saw one the other day which I very, very nearly bought but after looking at the pictures more clearly, I could see it was a fake as the heart on the back was wrong, and so was the stictching on the front. That did actually sell for over £700. So someone's just bought a very expensive fake bag.

    So any recommendations? I'm the UK. Thank you!
  2. I sold my Marmont camera bag on Poshmark to avoid any scams. They provide free authentication. I normally buy bags on Fashionphile as well. You could always buy on eBay and authenticate for a fee. If you buy on EBay, make sure you authenticate the pictures before you buy as well.
  3. Great thanks. I just think ebay is full of scammers at the moment. I don't know, the pictures look like the real thing from what I can tell, but there's something off about the listings. They're all identical and all sellers (even though different) have zero feedback.

    Not heard of Fashionphile before. Might look there, as I've tried Poshmark, but the prices they charge, I just feel I'd rather pay a little extra and get brand new.
  4. Try designer wish bags. She sometimes has Gucci. Not sure how much of a discount you will be able to get though.
  5. Fashionphile is prob only second hand site I trust but prices have increased dramatically and are way too high imo. Some items are close to and even above retail.
  6. Rebag is a trustworthy pre-loved site.
  7. I’d recommand Designerwishbags and Labellov.