Best place to buy older bags?

  1. I am not sure if this question has been answered before, so I apologize if it has and I missed it.

    But where do you think is the best place to buy older (such as last year's bags) Coach purses? Is it eBay or some place else that I haven't stumbled upon? LOL

    I liked a few bag from last year's summer line that I didn't get a chance to buy and would love to see if anyone had a magic answer on where I can buy them..

    Maybe it's wishful thinking...:lol:

    Thank you so much!

  2. eBay, sometimes the outlets, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Off 5th.... Sometimes if you call Coach with the style #, they may still have some @ JAX.
  3. Also I tend to see older Coach styles at Loehmann's sometimes.

    Good luck!
  4. Whaaa??:wtf: I did not know that Marshall's and TJ maxx carry coach??
    How does the price compare to the actual Coach store?
    I wonder if not all Marshall's and TJMAxx carry Coach.
    My dumb luck, the ones in my area probably don't!
  5. Some people have great luck at TJMaxx. At mine, I've only seen the one Coach that had the fur on it. Otherwise they every once in awhile will have a Dooney. I like buying from outlets or eBay (just be careful and post in the Authenticate This thread if you're unsure if it's real).
  6. Ebay is your best bet.
  7. TJMaxx & Marshalls is definately hit or miss... but I have gotten some great bags at a really good discount there... my best was a Hamptons weekend tote on clearance for $54.00... more recently I got the Poppy Gallery tote for $229. They also carry accessories so keep an eye out, I got the Snakeskin trim Planner in Punch for $129, Sunnies for $60....
  8. TinksDelite is right - hit or miss, but sometimes you can find a good deal. My TJMaxx had a few mini sig hats and a few planners this week. :yes:
  9. Coach Outlets are a good source for "older" styles. Since there are no deadlines for returning new with tag and unused Coach items, Coach Outlets get many older items returned to them on a regular basis. (My sister got all this info from the SA at the Camarillo Coach Outlet - my sister lives 10 min. from it). Apparently, you can return any authentic Coach items to a Coach Outlet (but you can't return Coach Outlet items to a Coach Retail Boutique). I'll be returning some of my older Brand New Coach items (with Receipts) I'd purchased to the Camarillo Coach Outlet (CA) in December. And I just ordered the '06 Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag in POND from Coach's 800# (make sure you have the style # and the color you're looking for) - it's supposed to arrive in 4-5 business days! I'm so excited!
  10. You can return Outlet items to a full-price store, but they will only give you merchandise credit and not cash or credit on your credit card. My best friend has had to do this several times in The Woodlands since the nearest outlet to Houston is San Marcos.

    There is a new Coach outlet coming to Fairfield though, so NO MORE DRIVING!!!
  11. Oh, that's good to know. Although, the SA's here at the AZ Coach Boutiques are quite snobby and rude, I'm afraid to even return anything from their Factory Outlets to their Retail Boutiques even if all I wanted was store credit (they gave me such a hard time one time when I had to return something I had purchase from their own store! They made me feel guilty for doing it!). Perhaps, things are different from store to store? In any case, I've had better experiences with their Factory Outlets than their Retail Boutiques. :sad: