Best place to buy Juicy Couture in NYC?

  1. I'm going to NYC in a few weeks and I'm planning on bying some Juicy velour track suits while I'm there as they are so much cheaper over there than in Europe. What would be the best place to go? I saw that there is shop on 5th avenue, that's probably the best place to go with the best selection of colours etc. How about departement stores and smaller shops, are they worth it? I'm definitely going to Saks and Barney's at least. If you have any tips for me concerning Juicy or shopping in NYC they are very welcomed!! :yes:
  2. I usually buy mine at Bloomingdales. It's located on Lexington Ave.
  3. Is there a Juicy store in NY? there's one in vegas....
  4. i like macy's for that. they have better sales too.
  5. The Juicy Couture store is on Madison and 61st???
    not sure the other cross street but I know it's fer shor on Madison and somewhere close in the early 60s street!!!
    It's on the corner accross of Chanel on Madison!!!